Fo’get About It !

Ever wish you could actually move away to some hide-away and actually Fo’get about nearly everything? Or at least bring day-to-day pressures down to a reasonable level?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of high rent or mortgage costs? How about bringing property taxes down to next to nothing?  Would a house where your energy bill was less than cable be attractive?  You can do all of that with AmeriSus. Take a look at our homes.

Just like in Tony Soprano’s world where you can get a discount from what “fell off the truck” AmeriSus can offer you great pricing simply because we work hard to deliver the best deal in town. That’s our game plan!

Unlike nearly everyone else we don’t have the high carrying costs of big executive salaries, land to be developed, home models, warehousing, supply centers or cute sales agents. Like Tony, we just deliver the goods.

So whether its our fantastic Farmhouse Ranch or Main Street Family or amazingly low-cost Expanded Eco-Cottage model homes or even something as simple a cool new Digital Door Lock  you can count on AmeriSus for great service, great pricing and quality products.

If ever a problem, just Fo’get About It – we’ll take care of everything.


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