AmeriSus Homes Unaffected by Tariffs

U.S. Announces Tariffs on $50 Billion of China Imports

Levies target 1,300 separate product categories

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As markets begin to adjust for anticipated tariffs on Chinese goods home building suppliers are already sending out notices of price increases to their customers. Low cost materials and products from China have crept their way into the homes of some of the nation’s largest builders and they are now scurrying to figure out how to accommodate rising costs in a market that has little room for sale price increases.

AmeriSus finds itself in a rather unique position as a result of having made a purposeful effort to have its homes built from products Made in America.  Explaining that situation as an opportunity Charlie Kamps the company’s founder and Non Executive Chairman described, “When we started AmeriSus our goal was to use materials that were Made in America and then have the homes built by labor that was local to the project. We wanted to create jobs for Americans. That correlates to about eight full-time American jobs for every AmeriSus home that get’s built. Today, about 97% of the items going into one of our homes is American made and the company keeps working to get that number to 100% – believe me, for some items that is difficult.”

AmeriSus doesn’t see the tariff situation having a significant impact on its sales although a few items going into AmeriSus homes are Made in America using imported metals, Kamps explained, “We will most likely see price increases from manufacturers using metal products sourced from abroad but that should be offset by the gains in productivity we’ve experienced this year from our propietary Ready Build™ system for home creation. Smart building is still the way to save the most money and AmeriSus clients, despite tariffs, can reduce their cost of construction by as much as 30%.”

AmeriSus has become a leading supplier of Whole Home Packages to small builders. That package includes plans and all the materials and products from the sill plate up including the kitchen sink and all the finish items to make a home ready for occupancy. One stop shopping with a fixed-price and delivered to the job site in a just-in-time fashion. AmeriSus homes (not modular) typically get built in twelve weeks.


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