Cold Outside but Warm Inside

Thanks to AmeriSus Cap & Save™

We set the Cap & our homeowners Save

When AmeriSus first started our goal of lowering the cost of housing included lowering operating costs by creating homes that would set new marks for energy efficiency. The challenge was to come up with super-efficient home designs without ramping up construction costs.

Many of our initial homes were built to Leed ® standards receiving certification for how they were built and the efficiency that was attained.

Although the end result was great, the cost and time associated with certification was indeed an additional burden on our affordability goals.

We found that, after going through the effort and added cost, few buyers understood what was achieved and even fewer felt that the added cost was worth whatever they were getting for that effort.

So, we changed the deliverable. Instead of certification by any of the numerous entities involved in green building we elected to build to a similar type standard and then guarantee the energy efficiency. We called it Cap & Save™and made it real easy to understand.

Our standard homes without any upgrades or options are wildly efficient when it comes to energy use for heating & cooling. Compared to new Energy Star ® homes typically built by large builders, our homes use half the energy that Energy Star homes will use.

Cap & Save puts a reasonable Cap on our home’s HVAC energy use based upon computer modeling of its efficiency. If at any time over the home’s first 5 years energy use goes over the Cap we will pay the overage which allows the homeowner to Save rather than incur additional expense.

Everyone understands our paying excessive utility bills.