Jeans with the Zipper in the Back?

That’s Doesn’t Makes Sense

Neither Does a House with

Everything in the Wrong Place

Eco-Designed™ only from AmeriSus

New home design is a science where the proper upfront decisions can lead to years of comfort and savings. As energy from the sun plays a more important role in how we live, smart thinking about home placement, layout and design can be a significant factor.

The concept of selling fixed home designs and then placing them on a lot without considering the sun’s location is like selling pants without thought about where the zipper needs to be located.

AmeriSus homes can be Eco-Designed™ so that home placement, roofing orientation, window location and exterior elements take the sun’s path into consideration resulting in energy bills that are lower and year-round occupant comfort optimized.

Is that afternoon sun cooking rooms in your house?

House Placement

Isn’t it crazy picking a home design and then finding out the design for the roof, doors and and windows are contrary to what makes sense?

Roof Orientation

Whether you go for solar now or later a roof designed for performance can change the ROI on a photovoltaic installation.

Window & Door Location

A wall of windows facing the afternoon sun might be nice in the winter but it can turn that family room into a solar oven.

Exterior Elements

The sun’s orientation and strength change with the seasons and your home should be designed for the differences.

There are dozens and dozens of decisions associatedwith building a new home. We make the process simpler for builders and homeowners.

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