It’s OK if your lawn guy can’t read

Not so for whomever is building your house

Building a new home is a complicated process that has evolved into a science where “this is the way we’ve always done it” is no longer good enough. All across America examples keep surfacing where big builders have increased profits by cutting corners with low cost labor that does not adhere to recommended building practices and guidelines.
Below is a recent ABC news clip illustrating this huge problem.

AmeriSus – Built BFC

That’s Better, Faster, Cheaper as a result of fantastic small home designs, materials specified for improved constructability and superior products that save money year after year as a result of improved operations and maintenance.


AmeriSus hones are significantly better than the competition with superior SIP exterior walls, quality systems and high value materials that are selected as part of a smart design where concept and construction come together for better results.


Keep track of a local new home project and see all the time and materials that are wasted. Te Ready Build system drives a project schedule so that waste is dramatically reduced resulting in a financial win for both builder and homeowner.


When Amerisus talks “cheaper” it only relates to the cost of construction. All the smart thinking that goes into creating a fantastic AmeriSus home is a purposeful effort to produce a superior product that is high in both quality and value.


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