You Don’t Need to be a Fortune Teller

To understand why more and more people are exiting to the burbs.

Life in the Big City is Expensive & Problematic and only getting worse.

It Doesn’t Matter Which Big City You Talk About

The Problems are all Similar

Entrenched Organizations with a Tax & Spend Mentality

Big Cities Are Screwed & It Is Time to Exit

Bloated Staffing, Unfunded Pensions, Endless Regulations, Deteriorating Infrastructure, Rising Crime, Failing Public Education & a Tax, Tax, Tax Mentality is not where you need to be.

Big City Problems Are Not Going Away

Increased Taxes & Fees Won’t Solve the Problems

They Will Only Reduce Your Take Home Pay & Your Level of Satisfaction

Now is the time to seriously consider a move to the Burbs

Where the grass is definitely greener

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Find a small empty lot in a nice town

Tear down a wreck on a great street

Select an ADU added to a quiet Neighborhood

Planner, Developer, Builder, Homeowner or Tenant

AmeriSus Delivers Solutions that are B F C

That’s Better Faster & Cheaper

This Is Your Call to Action

Imagine Yourself in a No-Stress Environment

Where Most Everything is LOWER – (Home Price, Taxes, Crime, Day to Day Costs, etc.)

And, If it isn’t LOWER it is Probably BETTER (Schools, Traffic, Shopping, Parking, etc.)

Tell Your Builder You Want an AmeriSus Eco-Home

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that life in the burbs can be fun, productive and rewarding. Moving to an AmeriSus Eco-Home or Eco-Cottage can be the beginning of a new financial experience where the cost of living in a great new house can be so much more affordable that you end up putting money each month into savings, investments and even a rainy-day fund. Smaller housing makes for bigger living.

We provide eco-home and eco-cottage designs and all the parts (that’s right, structure, systems, products & finishes) needed to construct a super-efficient home that’s is high in value and very affordable in price.

Our clients are largely small builders looking to streamline their operation so that they can create a high-demand product at an affordable sales price while at the same time increasing their profitability. We help achieve that through smart designs, volume purchasing and logistics and labor efficiencies brought to the project via of our proprietary Ready Build system.

Our recently launched Thousand Cottage Placement Program (1CPP) is a 2017 beta-exercise to take all that we do to a new level with the goal of cutting the cost of new home construction in half.  That means more homes built with less money spent. A win for developers, builders, buyers and even tenants. 1CPP is putting 20 eco-cottages in each state. If you are involved in creating affordable housing give us a call and have your next affordable project be a part of 1CPP.

Explore our website to learn more about our products and services. Call or email with any questions.


Since the launch of 1CPP life has been hectic. If your call goes to voicemail leave your name & number and someone will get back to you promptly