What the Heck?

Affordable Car

If you want to save money on owning and operating a car you can pick from dozens of economy cars and the general public will commend  your affordable choice.

Affordable Housing

But make mention that you need affordable housing and all of a sudden eyebrows raise and your decision is questioned and often frowned upon.

The Game Changer

We’re changing that way of thinking. We been disrupting things in the housing business for years and have never had a second thought about the benefits of affordable housing. Our agenda from the very beginning has been to make housing affordable for everyone and as a result dramatically change household economics.

If your agenda is like our agenda reach out to us.

Our Just Launched Initiative 1CPP is Demonstrating that Affordable Homes Can Be Built Everywhere

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Getting projects started in all 50 states is a gargantuan task. that’s keeping our team quite busy.



If you call and get our answering machine leave your name & # will get back to you promptly.

Unbelievable things happen when professionals get together and try  what hasn’t been tried before.

If your budget is threatened we have a way to get more done with less $