Where Do You Draw the Line ?

Are luxury mid-rise projects proposed with a tad of affordable housing changing the character of your community ?

For years we’ve been promoting low-rise single family homes and cottages as the BFC solution. – Better Faster Cheaper

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largest Affordable Need

Is for SOCO households (Single Or Couple Occupied)

Cottage Neighborhoods

Provide high density with low impact & few problem

Occupants Prefer

A small private home compared to living off of a hallway with unknown neighbors

Cottages are BFC

Better for living and the budget, Faster to build & Cheaper in cost

1CPP Can Be Your Beta Test

Tired of the mid-rise onslaught give low rise, detached a try

The Anti Mid-Rise Solution

Amazing Response

When we launched 1CPP a few weeks ago we did expect a positive response to our effort at reducing the construction cost of affordable housing. We’ve been putting a dent in the price tag for years and 1CPP is bringing  costs lower. The response has been sensational.

What we didn’t expect was a heightened level of feedback from town officials and citizens who felt that the typical answer to the affordable housing problem, a mid-rise or high-rise structure, was destroying the character of their communities.

We’ve been saying that for years.

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More and More Cities Think Small is the Big Solution

Starter Homes, Cottages, Carriage Houses, Granny Flats, Backyard Apartments their Commonality is that they Fill a Huge Need.

Who Doesn’t Know somebody that Could Use a More Affordable Place to Live ?

Mid-Rise Projects Can Change a Community Forever – Consider Low Rise Instead

AmeriSus is seriously committed to changing the new home construction process so that housing is affordable for everyone. We’ve been making that happen in select regions and are rolling out the “Thousand Cottage Placement Program” this year to demonstrate how our unique approach can work in every state. That’s right, 20 cottages in each state for a total of one thousand via 1CPP. If you have a role in the creation of affordable homes talk to us to learn about a way to address the problem in a better, faster and cheaper manner while not burdening everyone with all the negatives that come with large out-of-control multi-family projects.

Donna KAmps
AmeriSus, CEO

Talk with us. Affordable Housing is like politics. Everyone has a different idea.

Our AmeriSus homes keep getting better as a result of everyone’s feedback.

267 564-5724   If you get voice mail don’t hang up. Leave a message & we’ll call you back.

1CPP@AmeriSus.com       No time for a phone call but have some questions. Send an email.

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