Where Do You Draw the Line ?

Are luxury mid-rise projects proposed with a tad of affordable housing changing the character of your community ?

For years we’ve been promoting low-rise single family homes and cottages as the BFC solution. – Better Faster Cheaper

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largest Affordable Need

Is for SOCO households (Single Or Couple Occupied)

Cottage Neighborhoods

Provide high density with low impact & few problem

Occupants Prefer

A small private home compared to living off of a hallway with unknown neighbors

Cottages are BFC

Better for living and the budget, Faster to build & Cheaper in cost

Build a few as a Beta Test

Tired of the mid-rise onslaught give low rise, detached a try

The Anti Mid-Rise Solution

Zoning Changes

Towns across America are addressing the affordable housing need by creating new zoning code that allows ADU‘s that accessory dwelling units in single-family neighborhoods.

They might be called cottage homes or granny flats or simply, the backyard cottage.

In high property tax neighborhoods ADU’s provide a means, as a rental property, to offset those costs.

ADU’s are detached apartments that are just right for nearly every demographic segment: young, old, single or married.

An AmeriSus eco-cottage can cut your housing costs in half.

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More and More Cities Think Small is the Big Solution

Starter Homes, Cottages, Carriage Houses, Granny Flats, Backyard Apartments their Commonality is that they Fill a Huge Need.

Who Doesn’t Know somebody that Could Use a More Affordable Place to Live ?

Mid-Rise Projects Can Change a Community Forever – Consider Low Rise Instead

Talk with us. Affordable Housing is like politics. Everyone has a different idea.

Our AmeriSus homes keep getting better as a result of everyone’s feedback.

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