What Costs More?

A 24 unit mid-rise or a 24 unit cottage neighborhood.

A Cottage Approach to Affordable Housing Wins Hands Down.

Mid-Rise Buildings Are Expensive

Creating a multi-family mid-rise structure takes plenty of time and money. More often than not the approval process is one that will be drawn out dealing with a broad range  of neighborhood issues and there is no way of getting around the additional costs of physical construction and code conformance required for such a building.

Expensive structures bring into a project special financing, extended schedules and expensive systems.

Cottages are Better at Half the Price

Small homes and cottage cost less to build while consuming less materials and less time. If you are in the business of creating affordable housing a cottage approach will allow you to create more units for your dollar and get those units in place faster.

An AmeriSus Eco-Cottage can be built on-site and ready for occupancy in less than 8 weeks.

Take a small lot and build a cottage neighborhood with densities of 8-12 units per acre. resulting in a Better (preferred) product, Faster construction schedule and lower overall cost (Cheaper). Financing is also easier.

At AmeriSus we call it BFC – Better – Faster – Cheaper

Double the results of your budget by building with AmeriSus

Obviously land is a factor in determining a project’s cost. There is no argument that in most large cities growth needs to be accommodated by going up and not out. Yet in those same cities the combined cost of land and construction renders most attempts at creating affordable housing in volume impossible without huge subsidies. As a result the typical solution is having a developer commit to a percentage of affordable units in a building that has mostly market rate units.

AmeriSus projects are most often outside of large cities in suburban and even country settings. If you are planning or developing properties in these areas then cottage homes can be the winning solution. Easier to get approved. Faster to build. Simpler to finance and In great demand.

More and more people, including those looking for quality affordable housing are moving to where AmeriSus creates homes.