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We can also provide

Solid Surface Countertops

We went to high traffic places where countertops got plenty of use and abuse each day. That included teller windows in banks, check out counters in retail, nurses stations in hospitals, service desks in health spas and 10+ year old homes that had plenty of kids.

The #1 preference by a large margin when compared to marble, granite or quartz was solid surface acrylic countertops because it looked like stone, withstood years of abuse, required less maintenance, was anti-microbal, could be installed as seamless, was actually repairable, and all of that at half the cost.

Builders and DIY-ers liked being able to cut, edge and join acrylic sheets with basic carpentry tools.

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A kitchen cabinet order can be complex.

We’ve made it simple.

Our customers like our no nonsense approach to cabinet sales.

Select what’s needed on our Cabinet Spreadsheet.

Instantly see the total price of your project on an Order Form you can email to us.

Have your cabinets arrive at your project fully assembled ready for installation.

Each Year More Remodelers select AmeriSus as their preferred source of cabinetry.

We Must Be Doing Something Right.

Cabinets used in our homes

Wolf Cabinets are standard in all of our homes. Made in America. Solid Wood. Full Assembled.

That’s because our builder clients like a simple low-cost way to get fantastic cabinets.

The result has been so positive that remodelers now ask for the same product for their jobs.

Put an end to the kitchen cabinet runaround

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