2018 Government to Ration Cell Phones & Services

Can you imagine that? A world where only the wealthy could afford cell phones.

What would your life be like without a mobile connection?

Unbelievable !

Yet, no matter where you go housing is rationed

The shortage of supply creates false pricing that impacts everyone.

If you can afford a home a sizable part of your income pays for it each month.

If you can’t afford a home your quality of life is impacted.

Unbelievable !

At AmeriSus we’ve been putting a dent in this national problem.

We help builders create fantastic homes that are affordable.

Whatever your situation in life we have a housing solution for you.

We’re not talking “housing” we’re talking real homes with a porch and a yard.

Tired of living down the hall from whomever?

Tell your community leaders no more rationing of housing.

For starters get them to become a part of a national experiment.

Thousand Cottage Placement Program

Its a beta-program in 2017 putting 20 affordable eco-cottages in each state.

Creating 1,000 Eco-Cottages that are all the SAME will provide the DATA needed to Go-The-Next-Step in 2018

That will be a finely-tuned expanded national program

Delivering housing that everyone can afford

Think about cutting your housing costs substantially

Help Us Make What Sounds Totally Unbelievable


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