Ford Keeps Making This Pickup and Each One is The Same

Same size – Same parts – Same tolerances – Same quality – Same value

Over & Over & Over & Over Again

That’s How They Can Give You the Best Value for the Best Price

In Affordable Housing Every Home is Different

Different sizes – Different parts – Different tolerances – Different quality – Different value

If Ford Did that They Would Be Out of Business

That’s Why AmeriSus Introduces the:

Thousand Cottage Placement Program

A Beta Test for Sameness Nationally

An Adventure for Creating Attractive, High Value, Affordable Homes Everywhere

We’ve Taken Digital & Artificial Intelligence to a New Level

If you have a role in creating housing in America call us to learn more

There’s no obligation, no pressure, no sign-up or requests for funding

We want serious players that are committed to finding a solution to the affordable problem

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