Our Ready Build™ System has Gone Full Digital

And Now Controlled by Wanda™

Home design, procurement & construction will never be the same.

The new advanced Ready Build system incorporates all the knowledge gained from creating fantastic eco-homes and eco-cottages blending that with current market data from hundreds of national suppliers with the result being a design package and schedule where the correct parts and quantities arrive at the job site in a just-in-time fashion producing the lowest possible construction cost through labor, material and waste minimization.

Ready Build’s algorithm driven processing core, we call her Wanda, makes for a game-changing approach to homebuilding that is unmatched.

Wanda Brings AI to Home Creation

Wanda has learned a lot in the past six years

Now that knowledge is being used on each project

No other approach to design / build can compare

Systematized Construction as Never Before

New Home Construction hasn’t changed much in decades other than the overall cost for creating a home going up and up. As we start a new year with a new government it is likely that much of what the marketplace has depended upon financially will change. Whatever that may be the AmeriSus approach to building will be the most efficient with lowest cost and highest comparable value.

  • Affordable Housing
  • Low Income Housing
  • City Infill
  • Suburban Singles
  • Cottage Neighborhoods
A superior approach only from AmeriSus

Nearly every industry is experiencing dramatic change as a result of amazing computing powers that didn’t exist a decade ago. That processing power coupled with the ability to access and use real data from thousands of sources instantly creates a tool that can turn ordinary into extraordinary. Data is the key to the future and we are in an emergent era where live data allows for superior quality and efficiency.  Where in the past we had staff to maintain and track that information we now have Wanda doing it 24/7.  At AmeriSus we have worked for many years and gone through much beta testing to get where we are today able to announce a fully working system that allows us to improve quality and significantly reduce the cost of our product which lowers the cost (materials and labor) of housing supplied by our builder customers.  Like everything in this exciting digital world we see no limits or boundaries as to where we can take Wanda in our journey to make housing affordable for everyone (that’s why we started down this path). This year we will venture into the field in an effort to link AI smarts with actual construction automation putting the accuracy of factory assembly onto the job site.  In time we expect, like so many other work activities, this approach could mean that labor supply is no longer an issue because we will all be sitting on a beach somewhere while Wanda and her silicon associates are doing the work. Big dreams are only achieved by big dreamers. We’re pushing all involved to dream to the max.

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