Participation Open 5/10/16 through 08/01/2016

Our Social Impact Income Fund keeps getting better.

That’s right. Round 11 launched last month is hitting new highs.

We’re going crazy with 1’s

Round 11 with a 1 year participation provides 11.11% APR

At the request of past participants we’ve raised the caps.

Individual participation can start at $500 to a max of $50,000

As is usual there are no fees, commissions, taxes or 1099’s.

All transactions un-hackable since completed by mail (yes the postal service).

Read more.          Here’s how you can participate. 

100% of funds received go to projects where AmeriSus is a supplier.

There are NO management or administration fees.

We can’t think of a better way to make a social impact and get a superior return.

Any questions?      Call us at 267 564-5724 or email:   social_impact@AmeriSus.com