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Donna Kamps – CEO

At AmeriSus™ our customer mix is quite broad. Although primarily small builders the mix includes prospective homeowners, architects, designers, public and private developers and even communities looking for a better way to solve their housing issues. This is not an easy business. Everyone has a different problem and as my son often said when dealing with issues, “its complicated”. At AmeriSus we make it less complicated for everyone, more profitable for builders and less costly for homeowners.

Right now the financial news is filled with stories about a possible economic downturn. At AmeriSus we’ve been pretty accurate about predicting the future and we do not see 2016 as being a year for national growth and a bit of preparation for tough times ahead might be wise. It doesn’t matter what age you are because unless you are one of the lucky ONE PERCENT the odds are you might be at some level of financial risk if and when economic conditions worsen. The best way to survive a downturn is to minimize expenses and have cash at hand. Janet Yellen and her crew might be saying that the economy is looking better but if things get bad we know for certain that she’s not going to be there to lend you money at zero percent. Too big to fail doesn’t apply to households and a lost job or unexpected event coupled with an expensive mortgage could spell disaster.

With housing costs being a person’s largest expense (renting or owning) a solution for a more comfortable future can be housing that is “smaller” and “less costly” which is exactly what we do every day of the week.

Our homes are all smaller than the norm and our Eco-Cottage™ line takes small a bit further with apartment-sized stand-alone homes. Since our homes can be constructed in as little as 10 weeks it is realistic for a home project, start-to-finish, to be accomplished in less than six months including approvals, utility connections and site development. Our Eco-Cottage is a complete house with living room, one bedroom, kitchen and bath. It is the perfect home for a anyone without kids, whether they be 22, 42, 62 or 82. That’s one heck of a demographic.

Think about owning your own home where the mortgage, interest, utilities and maintenance are less than $750/ month. That’s right, owning a brand-new super efficient home, with a front porch, yard, patio and the lowest utility bill in town all for a fraction of what you might pay for a traditional home or apartment. Skip the noisy neighbors upstairs or on the other side of the bedroom wall and never again have to go to the laundromat to wash your clothes. An AmeriSus Eco-Home™ or Eco-Cottage can provide all that you need at unbelievable pricing. Our homes are just what the market is demanding. Builders can build them as for-sale products or as rental homes and anyone small lot situations are just right for creating cottage neighborhoods.

And for those lucky individuals that are rolling in greenbacks just think of what you could do with all the extra cash you could keep, or invest, by not having to fork it over to a landlord or mortgage company. AmeriSus homes work for every age and every income. Think about being able to save $500 or $1,000 every month by not spending it on needless housing costs. Your savings account could be growing, your rainy-day account could be full and frequent getaways for some rest and relaxation could become the norm. Skip the rat race.  Down-size to Fun-size™.  Give us a call to start your own pathway to a better financial life (that’s as a builder or as a homeowner).

And, if the next recession isn’t around the corner an AmeriSus home will get you better positioned financially for whatever the future might bring.

While speaking of savings take a look at our Social Impact Income Fund™  it is our unique approach to project and builder financing that allows individuals to participate in AmeriSus activities that make a social impact by making construction financing easier for builders and affordable for homeowners while at the same time earning 10% APR.  Follow link