Social Impact Income Fund

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Below are questions submitted by participants.

What are the participation levels?

  • Certificates of Participation (COP’s) are issued in $1,000 dollar increments and there is no cap on # of COP’s that can be purchased by any one individual.

Is there a deadline for participating?

  • Anyone can participate at any time.  Round 15 openes for participation as of 1/2/19

How is the payout amount determined?

  • This round of funding pays a fixed amount of 10%.  Put in $1,000 you get $1,100.  Put in $5,000 you get $5,500.  Put in $10,000 you get $11,000.

What establishes the payout date?

  • Buyer’s funds becoming available to AmeriSus establishes the Effective Purchase Date (EPD) which triggers the AmeriSus Buyback contract and date which is 366 days later when a check is issued to participant.

Can participation funds be rolled over from one round to the next?

  • No, SIIF is quite simple with each round being separate.  One can always take the monies received from the Buyback in one round and purchase new Cop’s in the next round.

What’s the basis for separate funding rounds and how often are they created?

  • As projects seeking funding support evolve they are placed in groups to be a part of a funding round which is finite, well defined and with assets backing-up the finances.  There is no set timing for funding rounds other than that created by project activity.

What about privacy and/or confidentiality? What info do you want?

  • Like everything at AmeriSus we make it simple and un-hackable.  Fill out the Sale & Automatic Buyback Agreement include your name, address & level of participation.  Send it to AmeriSus with payment by check.  Approved Agreement will be returned immediately and Buyback check issued in 366 days.  Nothing is filed electronically.  No driver license.  No need for social security #.  No 1099 will be issued.

What about security from fraud or hackers?

  • The Amerisus Social Impact Income Fund embodies a level of security that other funds cannot match. No fund data is maintained on computers or devices linked to the internet – Totally UnHackable!