SIP Designers

wwwwwwIf you are in the business of designing new homes built with SIP’s then you know how your clients (builders and home owners) must wrestle with the issue of pulling the balance of materials together in order to end up with a complete home. Sometimes (as in the case of homeowners) they may view that portion of the job as overwhelming. If it is a builder there’s a good chance they truly don’t know how much time they are wasting coordinating all the front end tasks of selecting, purchasing and getting products to the job site.

More than 70% of the homes we supply are custom designs where we get all the materials, systems and products to the job site in a “just-in-time” fashion reducing waste in labor and materials while helping to increase builder profit. A typical house has about 30 deliveries including materials for the exterior shell. If you have a preferred SIP supplier we can work with them where they handle the shell and we handle the rest.

Our recently launched Eco-Cottages make the process simpler where only two deliveries cover everything. One with the shell arriving on flat-bed and the next with the balance of materials arriving in a POD. Our Eco-Cottage™ can be built including land for under $100k and the product is setting a new standard for affordable housing. Think of a stand-alone house where the mortgage payment is manageable for a couple earning minimum wage. We’ve got it!  Recent college graduate?  Our Eco-Cottage fits the need.  Family relative?  Ditto! – Put an Eco-Cottage in your yard.

AmeriSus can make building with SIP’s an easier process for your clients.

SIP Manufacturers


Marketing a commodity can be tough especially when it is only a portion of your customer’s finished product. AmeriSus makes your sale more complete with an easy way for your customer to finish the balance of his or her project without having to deal with dozens of vendors for materials. Amerisus can be a one-stop source for completing the package. Our services are applicable almost everywhere and they take on special meaning when one is dealing with projects in adverse locations. Whether in the heart of a busy city or far out in the countryside AmeriSus can help complete the job by sourcing and delivering supplies that are high in quality and priced attractively.

SIP Builders


If you are a builder using SIP’s then you should become familiar with AmeriSus. We started the business seven years ago and our primary focus was to create fantastic eco-homes that were affordable and high in quality and value. We established relationships with manufacturers that make everything from flooring to boilers to towel racks and offer attractive pricing to builders by supplying projects on a national basis. We provide everything from the sill-plate up and that can be an entire SIP structure and everything else to finish a home or you can get your SIP structure as you normally do and we help with the rest. Materials, systems and products we handle it all.

Our package pricing is better than most suppliers and are attention to detail and the special needs of SIP construction is unmatched. Our proprietary Ready Build™ system and company structure result in a lean overhead and we pass all the savings on to our customers.

SIP Homeowners

We could have had a money shot here. Piles of dollar bills saved by building with SIP’s. Instead, think about how all that savings could free you up for more R&R at the beach perhaps.

Nobody likes waste and a home constructed of SIP’s is one great way to reduce waste and a bunch of other undesirables.

  • Reduced Material Waste – We’ve all gone past new homes being built the old fashioned “stick-built” way where hundreds of pieces of 2 by 4’s or 6’s are nailed together (usually not all that straight or plumb) to form a skeleton on which exterior sheathing is nailed. Check out the dumpster on the job site and see how much new lumber ends up in the trash. SIP panels are precision cut in a factory and shipped to the job site where they fit together snuggly resulting in almost no waste. Our projects use garbage cans not dumpsters.
  • Reduced Labor Cost – SIP panels allow large sections of exterior wall (including insulation and sheathing) to go up quickly so that days and even weeks of labor cost can be eliminated. At today’s price of construction labor that kind of savings makes a a huge difference.
  • Reduced Energy Cost – It might seem that the cost of energy is less of a worry these days with crude oil prices dropping like a stone. That’s a temporary issue for those homeowners dependent on gas or oil for heat but, electricity is another story. The price of a kilowatt will continue to be high and as more and more people cut back on electrical use the utilities will need to find ways to pay for their infrastructure which means higher rates. SIP construction is one of the best ways to reduce heat loss in the winter and to keep a cool home in the summer.
  • Reduced Noise Transmission – One of the least mentioned attributes of SIP construction is how noise transmission if reduced. Because a SIP wall is so good at keeping the inside environment inside it is also great at keeping outside noise outside. One of the biggest surprises homeowners of SIP-built structures experience is the very noticeable level of silence inside a SIP home.
  • Reduced Structural Deterioration – Almost everyone that has moved into a new stick-built structure has experienced nails-pops and hairline cracks in the sheetrock wall panels as the hundreds of pieces of lumber change dimensionally. As 2 X 4’s and 2 X 6’s dry out they shrink in size and move or warp causing sheetrock screws to pop out, taped wallboard joints to come undone and overall dimensions to change. SIP panels are relatively stable construction components that provide better dimensional stability plus superior structural strength.

What Does AmeriSus Provide?


  • Reduced Upfront Work – Building a quality home today involves more on-site work and attention than ever before. Housing technology is new subject area. Code requirements are ever expanding.  And, homeowner demands have increased. That means as a builder you need as much time to focus on building as possible. AmeriSus takes on the pre-construction administrative activities so that you can do what you do best – which is build!
  • Reduced Coordination Effort – Our Ready Build system was created to coordinate product selection, costing, purchasing and delivery of the items going into a new home with particular attention to items that work best with SIP construction. When you go to an auto mechanic you want someone experienced with fuel injection and not carburetors from the 1960’s. The team at Amerisus knows the in’s and out’s of building with SIP’s and we offer specialty products that make SIP construction easier.
  • Reduced Material Cost – AmeriSus brings volume purchasing power to each project so that the cost of materials, systems and products is lower. By fact that we supply projects in multiple regions we a) are not locked into local suppliers and b) can source from suppliers offering the best deal. On top of those savings AmeriSus is constantly bringing new products and technologies into its offering where those items further reduce labor costs or improve quality or improve operability and long-term value.

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