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Why would a local builder use AmeriSus?

We constantly run into builders that claim to not need any help in building new homes.  They have been doing it for years, put out a good product and can’t imagine how anyone could improve their process. The general thinking is that bringing in a third-party could only increase costs which reduces profits. That’s until they give AmeriSus a try and realize first-hand all the time and money they have been wasting. An AmeriSus project sets a tight schedule that is based on using components that make construction simple and fast. Our SIP walls allow for a home’s exterior shell to be erected in days rather than weeks.  Each project has a custom schedule that’s coordinated with manufacturers and suppliers so that each next step in the build process is met with just-in-time deliveries of needed materials and products.

60% of the time wasted on a job is waiting for the next step to start or correcting what was already done incorrectly.

The significant reduction in lost time and wasted materials that is part of an AmeriSus project allows our builder clients to be more productive so that time on the job is reduced yielding an increase in actual job profitability. Many of the components and systems we specify can be installed by semi-skilled labor which is another step in reducing costs by not requiring as much specialist or professional  content for each house. It is not uncommon to have traditional labor costs exceed the related material costs. AmeriSus helps get what has gotten out-of-balance in this area back in check again. We cut the fat out of sub-contractor lump-sum pricing.

AmeriSus puts smart thinking into the old process of home construction = less labor & less waste = improved profits.

By supplying builders nationally AmeriSus brings volume pricing and a broad spectrum of products to each job. The company’s low overhead, lowest in the business, translates into significant savings for our builder’s. Why be at the mercy of a a few local, often higher priced suppliers when AmeriSus can source-out the best deal for your project?

We are constantly amazed at how suppliers that builders have been using for years often charge 20-50% more than Amerisus

Whether it is an entire house including systems and finishes or a  simple addition AmeriSus can make your work easier and increase profits while at the same time allowing you to offer your customers attractive pricing, quality products and superior designs.

“AmeriSus works with our clients to handle the front-end activities of design finalization, product specification, purchasing and delivery and we handle permitting and physical construction. That’s fewer people in the office, we’ve reduced our overhead and we’ve been able to retain field specialists because our increased volume can keep them busy.”  Fred Thompson – FPT Development 

Take a look at our Main Street Family Eco-Home (shown above).

At only 32 feet wide this home provides 1700 square feet of living space and includes a master bedroom & bath plus sun room on the first floor. The upstairs can be configured in a variety of ways including the addition of a fourth bedroom or office area. The exterior walls are made of structural insulated panels (SIP’s) providing superior energy and noise insulation compared to traditional construction techniques. The systems, materials, products and finishes that are standard set this AmeriSus home levels above new affordable housing offered by others.

Architects give our approach a try!  At AmeriSus we do much more than the homes seen on our website. More than 70% of our homes are custom designs to accommodate unique  property situations, homeowner requirements or plans created by others. AmeriSus can make an architect’s custom design more affordable and replicable for multi-housing situations. 


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