The need for affordable housing knows no season yet each year a good amount of new home construction activity slows down with the arrival of cold weather and everyone waiting for Springtime.

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Day number two of a four day shell erection. It was thirty-eight degrees, we got 8 inches of snow after day one, blew the snow out of the first floor the next morning with a snowblower and completed the upper two floors and roof that week.

At AmeriSus we don’t stop for the cold.

Since our very beginning we’ve been creating new homes 12 months a year with hardly a blink of an eye when winter weather arrives.

Unlike traditional stick-built homes that take months to get enclosed an AmeriSus home can be weather tight in days. Our Ready Build™ fast track approach to building can put an entire basement foundation and building shell in place in one week so that the balance of construction can be completed in an enclosed, warm, weather-tight environment.

This approach keeps workers busy all winter long getting getting new homes ready for occupancy each month of the year non-stop.

Building Fast in the Cold
  • High quality precast foundation walls installed in less than a day.
  • First floor deck assembled on-site with engineered open-joist trusses and top quality Advantech® decking.
  • SIP walls go up easily providing superior strength & insulation properties as well as amazing sound-proofing.
  • No mid-wall rim boards eliminate key areas for heat loss and wall distortion.
  • Factory assembled engineered roof trusses go up fast and provide superior weight to strength ratio.
  • A variety of roofing systems including non-vented attics, conditioned air space, SIP panels, architectural fiberglass and metal roofing install quickly providing years of service.

Lost Build Time is Costly – – – Heat up Your Revenue Stream When the Weather gets Cold