Last year we predicted oil would sink below $40 per barrel – It hit $38 today.Mixed-Economic-Forecast

We also predicted gold would sink below $1200 – right again!

Our Social Impact Income Fund continues to give participants 10% guaranteed – while the stock market (DOW) is down 6.5% over the last year.

AmeriSus homes and products have seen record sales as homeowners and builders embrace a better way.

The AmeriSus HELP program (Home Eco Lease Program) offers homeowners the best way to financially get into a new home.

We launched the AmeriSus Plus e-commerce site last December and now builders, remodelers and homeowners are experiencing a knowledgeable product source with superior pricing.

Our City Benefits program continues to provide communities a financial incentive and assist for building small affordable housing.

Last year we introduced our Conturrent lighting system which is now saving builders thousands of dollars per home.

This month we launch the way to create the nations’s most efficient, most sustainable, most affordable Eco-cottage homes and Eco-cottage communities.

Visit our website – or/and call our staff (215) 364-8288 to learn more about any of the above.