Detached Single Family Cottage Affordable for Everyone

AmeriSus eco-cottage - now with ready pack delivery

AmeriSus Eco-Cottage – Now with Ready Pack delivery


We’ve created another 1st for the home building industry. An entire kit Eco-Cottage™ that is delivered to your site for easy and quick construction.  Everyone has become a handyman these days and we have the product if you have the skill. For those less ambitious our kits can be constructed by local professional builders. Whatever the pathway the value is superb and the cost is absolutely unbeatable.


Bub our Ready Pack pal

We’ve taken our Ready Pack™ technology where discounted lighting, plumbing and electrical systems are shipped to builder’s job sites in a coordinated, cost saving manner and applied that approach  to our unique Eco-Cottages.  Shown here is our Adams model.

Our Conturrent™ lighting systems reduce a pickup truck full of boxes down to a single box delivered by the postman. That’s waste reduction taken to the extreme and we’ve applied it to building small houses!

Unlike our traditional homes which get shipped in numerous just-in-time deliveries in as little as 10 weeks our Eco-Cottage kits have just two deliveries. The structural shell with SIP walls comes first delivered by flat-bed truck.  A three man crew can have the shell up in a few  days.

The balance of materials needed to finish the Eco-Cottage arrives in a PODS Enterprises LLC mobile container that stays on site until you no longer need it.

Balance of Cottage in PODS Container as 2nd Delivery

Nothing could be easier.  A complete Eco-Cottage can be built in less than 30 days.

Eco-Cottage Specs.

Why Eco-Cottages?

  • The largest unserved housing market segment is that of one and two occupant households.
  • Contrary to media buzz most people would like to live in their own small “American Dream” not an apartment with faceless neighbors.
  • More recently most builders are only building expensive luxury housing.
  • Regardless of age most people want to stay where they have been if the ideal housing product was available.
    • Young people looking to go out on their own are forced to move to new communities.
    • Seniors looking to downsize are forced to relocate leaving all they have enjoyed for years.
    • Divorcees, same problem, probably less available funds,  they need a solution.
    • Middle-aged anybodies with no kids – do they really need a three bedroom ranch?

Eco-Cottage neighborhoods can keep people in your town to support Main Street without burdening infrastructure.

The Ultimate Solution for a Complicated World.

  • Prospective Homeowners – Find the right lot and build a home that can be functional and not a financial burden.
  • Local Builders – Create housing that’s efficient, practical, easy and sustainable. Plus it is what people need.
  • Communities – Here’s housing for your existing population that turns out being the most affordable.  Build a cottage neighborhood!
  • Organizations – AmeriSus Ready Back Eco-Cottages are the easiest way to create needed housing & create jobs for those willing to work.

Think about a one-bedroom home where the mortgage or rent could be more like a car payment!

OK – What’s the real cost?

New home construction costs can vary considerably depending on location, fees and local costs. That said, the cost for an entire Ready Pack Eco-Cottage delivered to your site can be under $50k..  That’s structure, utilities, fixtures, exterior & interior finishes, even appliances.  You need to add in the cost of (what we do not provide)  land, approvals, utility connections, foundation and construction. The finished product can be ready for occupancy for under $100,000 (see more on what we do and do not provide).

Example: Ready Pack Eco-Cottage ($50,000) + What we do not provide (approximately $50,000) = Total $100,000


  • Tired of paying an arm and a leg to live in a house you don’t want or can’t afford?   Try an eco-cottage.
  • Are your new home construction projects tying up too much cash between sales?  Try an eco-cottage.
  • Do you have a relative or friend that would jump at the opportunity to live in something smart?  Try an eco-cottage.
  • Is all the red tape associated with community projects reducing your housing budget?  Try an eco-cottage.

Call 267 564-5724 to speak to one of our staff.   Ready Pack Eco-Cottages delivered in 60 days.  Community organizations talk to us about our City Benefit’s Program. Veterans groups talk to us about workforce career training opportunities.

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