Sustainable – the word has been popular for quite some time now.  We think our Conturrent™ lighting system is the world’s most sustainable.  Manufacturers like to attach this label to their products.  But at the end of the day isn’t part of the real test being able to do  say you can do more with less?  Perhaps that is a product that will last twice as long so that you do not have to go out and buy a replacement that soon.  Maybe it is a product that accomplishes the same result yet uses less material or energy.  Just look at all the stuff that ends up in the garbage each week and ask yourself, “How can I reduce what goes into the landfill or ends up in the ocean?”

Illustrated below are the components of a complete Conturrent lighting system.  It all fits in a box that your grandmother can carry and we can deliver it to your job site by mail.  The system eliminates bulky metal recessed high-hat cans and their trim rings and lightbulbs as well as the code required arc-fault breakers, expensive dimming switches and even the heavy coils of copper wire your grandmother might not carry.  It produces fantastic lighting that will last longer and use less energy than other systems.

If any reasonably sized builder started using Conturrent lighting the result would be the elimination of tons of materials while providing a superior lighting system of the future with the per home savings on materials and labor being something significant.  Think about doing something right that your customers will embrace while at the same timesaving $2,000 per home.  That’s smart and definitely sustainable!  Visit
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