You may have seen the recent television news report (60 Minutes 3/1/15) exposing how builders looking to reduce costs have used flooring materials with unacceptably high levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic.

This flooring has been identified as being sold by Lumber Liquidators a national discount flooring products chain.

Homeowners with such flooring installed in their homes are encouraged to have their builder remove all such flooring immediately.

Foreign products that do not pass established criteria for health & safety or that are illegally sourced do indeed become a problem for homeowners when a builder’s buying habits are driven by price and profits rather than quality and performance. This most recent situation with Chinese wood laminate flooring materials is similar to an earlier event, a few years back, involving unsafe Chinese drywall.

AmeriSus has consistently sourced the materials used in its homes from reliable manufacturers whose products meet established guidelines and where the manufacturer stands behind all product claims.

Roughly 95% of the products used in an AmeriSus home are “Made in America”.

AmeriSus does not purchase wood flooring products from Lumber Liquidators and has never done so.