It is only hours before that big ball in Times Square drops to usher in 2015 and most everyone will be getting ready for some New Year’s cheer.  So before the year has ended allow me to say a few words with the most important being a few Thank You’s.  Thank you to everyone that worked with us this year to make the American Sustainability Initiative a continuing success.  Thank you to our  clients and thank you to the homeowners that have embraced our approach.

2014 was a great year for AmeriSus and 2015 looks like it will be even better.  At this moment there are more projects in planning, construction and start-up than ever before.  The company’s AmeriSus Plus unit has taken new form as a differentiated e-commerce site serving builders and remodelers.   The reception in the first few weeks has been very positive.  On the technology side the company’s just announced Conturrent™ lighting system is now commercially available with installations ongoing in homes being rebuilt after superstorm Sandy as well many more rebuilds scheduled for construction early next year.

On January 2nd the company’s Social Impact Income Fund will kick-off its seventh round of funding offering participants an attractive 10% return on their certificates of participation.  We are quite proud of being able to make a Social Impact using this rather simple private funding vehicle where the guaranteed return is multiples of anything else being offered by the financial industry.

I want to personally thank the many companies that manufacture, supply and distribute the products used in AmeriSus projects as well as the growing number of items we are now selling to the builder community through Plus.  In an era where the “middleman” is being eliminated in market after market AmeriSus is proving that the combination of value, price and service can bring about a similar change to how things get bought and delivered in the construction industry.

For those that may see these comments and not be that familiar with AmeriSus allow me to describe a few aspects of how the company operates.  From its early beginnings the company has functioned virtually without a headquarters office, any distribution facilities or warehouses.  Our fixed assets are our people and they all work from home offices.  They lead the industry in response time for both marketing activities as well communications with field staff at our job sites resulting in outstanding performance metrics and high customer satisfaction.  As an old industrial engineer I get great satisfaction seeing how AmeriSus has enabled our clients to reduce project costs without having to resort to quick fixes such as foreign materials or employing an underpaid under educated workforce.

The work week at AmeriSus can, at times, be long since many of our clients are not always that available during the traditional workday.  We understand that a professional framer, plumber or electrician might not be able to take our call when forty feet up in the air on a scaffold in the heat of summer or freezing cold of winter.  That’s no problem and we have been successful in bringing new technology to the area of project management so that everyone communicates as needed according to the time that works best for them.  Our “in the cloud” project management system allows everyone to stay on top of what’s current whether they are checking in at 6:00 AM or 11:00 PM.  Each quarter the process we have implemented gets better and our clients appreciate the results seeing where time can be saved and appreciating that  “wasted time is wasted money.”  Internally the AmeriSus team has also benefited from this type schedule by probably enjoying  more comp time and R&R than others in the business proving that one can find a comfortable balance between work and pleasure.

On that note, I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday ideally enjoying family and friends when and where possible.

Once again –  Thank You

Charlie Kamps
Non Executive Chairman