Impact dollars leverage new affordable eco-home projects.hundreds_4

Here’s a chance for a great return on doing something good.

Current round closing April 30th providing 10% APR


Opportunities for earning a decent return these days are few and far between other than taking a risk with the stock market where many think the past few years of growth are ready for continued adjustment.

Our tenth round of funding participation in our Social Impact Income Fund kicked off February 1st.

The economy is still fragile and many of our builder customers are forced to incur considerable upfront soft costs as a part of getting their projects off the drawing board and into construction.

For the past few years we have addressed this financial hurdle with our own Social Impact Income Fund. Its origins are not that different from everything else we have tackled where we figured: “if it makes sense; let’s go for it” and it has proven to be a success.

In today’s world of rules and regulations going out and soliciting funds where a return on invested capital is offered for some level of company participation is a certain invitation for trouble. That’s why we have not gone down that road.

We say our approach has Social Impact because it actually gets affordable eco-housing in place for everyday families in city after city. We call it an Income Opportunity because unlike other social investment programs we have eliminated the risk that is typically associated with an investment since what we offer is a no risk contract instead.

We are seeking private funding where AmeriSus sells Certificates of Participation (COP’s) in $1,000 increments along with simultaneously executing Buyback Agreements (BA’s) that are paid in 366 days at the price of $1,100 yielding a profit of 10% on the sale of the COP’s back to AmeriSus.

We use the Buyer’s purchase funds to help get new work going and the Buyback funds paid to the Buyer come from profits of contracted work that is in our backlog. Our acceptance rate is a 8:1 ratio where every dollar taken into the fund is backed by 8 dollars of project income. The general thought process that has been put in place is that of: why pay a bank for bridge capital tied to backlog when instead private individuals with a social commitment can be the upside beneficiaries.

Note that the COP’s are not notes or securities and their purchase does not extend any ownership rights to the buyer. The payment to the Buyer, the Buyback Agreement is an enforceable legal contract.

To download our Social Impact Income Fund Agreement follow this LINK

Any questions just call 267 564-5724 and say your interested in making an Impact.