Penns Park, PA – March 31 – This past week at the Atlantic Builders Convention in Atlantic City the “Rebuild Our Coastline Consortium” also known as R.O.C.C. (that’s pronounced Rock-Sea) announced that it would be expanding its role in the rebuilding process by adding architects, builders and service firms to its mix of offerings.

R.O.C.C. was formed in the aftermath of Sandy with the goal of bridging the gap between builders in need of quality supplies and manufacturers looking to help expedite the rebuilding process.  R.O.C.C.’s effort in that area has been a resounding success and now as a next step forward is targeting problematic aspects of the rebuilding process that to date remain unaddressed.

Often homeowners hit by disaster become victims of firms seeking to make a quick buck by delivering less than is expected.  This situation is a blemish on the majority of fine companies that perform flawlessly day after day often working outdoors in the heat of summer and frigid cold of winter.  The Atlantic Builders Convention is a meeting place where many of these best in class companies come together to share their knowledge and experience creating a better deliverable for all. Last week, at the convention, R.O.C.C. got some of the best to join forces to help make their industry even better.

Riley Teranzano, Projects Director described, “We pulled leading product manufacturers together last year to ensure the supply of quality materials at reasonable prices for rebuilding after Sandy.  Recognized companies like Certainteed, Dupont, Armstrong and others stepped up without hesitation and they continue to supply our projects.   One troubling aspect of rebuilding that surfaced all too frequently was firms wanting to turn disaster into their own cash machines.  When you hear of that situation once in a while you shake your head and say it shouldn’t happen.  When you hear of it over and over again you want to do something about it.  So in response to that reality we have expanded the role of R.O.C.C. to be a platform from which experienced architects, engineers, builders and service providers can come together on residential projects in the tri-state area to deliver quality work at reasonable pricing. This expanded role creates endless opportunities for homeowners in need of reputable builders as well as for builders and service providers looking to team on yet to be contracted projects.  I guess one could say we can help deliver quality building services while at the same time give homeowners the opportunity to better select who does their rebuilding.  With anything you purchase you have choices, the same should apply to building houses?”

A significant problem for a homeowner stuck having to rebuild is who do you trust.  After seeing too many examples of work that wasn’t performed as contracted, prices jacked-up for no justifiable reason, needless change orders, products replaced with inferior substitutes, plus stories and excuses beyond belief R.O.C.C. decided to add a level of sensibility to the process where builders known for quality, reasonable pricing and customer satisfaction could use R.O.C.C. as a platform for involvement in projects.

At last week’s convention architects, engineers, builders and even lenders heard about this new resource with many signing up to join the R.O.C.C. rebuilding program.  It is anticipated that the success R.O.C.C. has had on the material supply side will be repeated on the building side matching service providers with individual projects.

R.O.C.C. was established in November of 2012 and is a trade organization comprised of manufacturers, suppliers and and now service providers that have come together to create a replicable process for delivering new affordable homes expanding on the already proven AmeriSus Ready Build™ system.

The Atlantic Builders Convention (ABC) is the largest regional builder trade show in the Northeast.  With state of the art products, innovative services and educational programs, ABC inspires attendees with countless ideas to aid in the success of their business.  It is also an excellent forum for networking and deal-making with peers in the industry.

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