What is Affordable?

Builder Magazine cites AmeriSus in talking about: What is Affordable? see article Housing Affordable for Everyone Work with AmeriSus to create: Housing Affordable for Everyone™ icon 267 564-5724 icon information@AmeriSus.com

What the Heck ?

What the Heck? Affordable Car If you want to save money on owning and operating a car you can pick from dozens of economy cars and the general public will commend  your affordable choice. Affordable Housing But make mention that you need affordable housing and all of a sudden eyebrows raise and your decision is questioned […]

Social Impact Income Fund

AmeriSus – Social Impact Income Fund The Private Sector Approach for Jump Starting Builder Projects AmeriSus Provides Upfront Soft Cost Funding that Banks Do Not Funded Projects Guarantee APR Rates to Participants Round 12  is well on its way to be our best Agreement Form LEARN MORE Round 12 – 10% APR – Payment in […]

Social Impact Income Fund – Round 11

Our Social Impact Income Fund keeps getting better. That’s right. Round 11 launched last month is hitting new highs. We’re going crazy with 1’s Round 11 with a 1 year participation provides 11.11% APR At the request of past participants we’ve raised the caps. Individual participation can start at $500 to a max of $50,000 As is usual there are no […]

Economy Notes 1st Qtr. 2016

March 31, 2016 Our call on the price of oil last year was right on the money saying it would dip below $30 dollars per barrel. Since then it has come up a bit and we expect to bounce around 40 for a while and then go below 30 again as uncontrolled producers try to […]

Social Impact Income Fund Q&A’s

Below are questions submitted by participants. What are the participation levels? Certificates of Participation (COP’s) are issued in $1,000 dollar increments and there is no cap on # of COP’s that can be purchased by any one individual.. Is there a deadline for participating? Anyone can participate at any time.  Round 12 opened for participation as […]

AmeriSus Social Impact Income Fund

Impact dollars leverage new affordable eco-home projects. Here’s a chance for a great return on doing something good. Current round closing April 30th providing 10% APR Guaranteed Opportunities for earning a decent return these days are few and far between other than taking a risk with the stock market where many think the past few […]