Fannie Mae Expands Green Lending

Fannie Mae Expands Green Lending, Housing Innovation Platforms Two weeks ago, the Mortgage Bankers Association held its annual CREF/Multifamily Housing Convention & Expo in San Diego. There, Jeffery Hayward—who heads up Fannie Mae’s multifamily mortgage business—spoke to Multi-Housing News. The following conversation details the GSE’s recent and upcoming initiatives, as well as impactful trends and important […]

Fantastic Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets – Better – Faster – Cheaper That’s Why we’ve become the #1 online supplier to builders & remodelers Purchasing Cabinets from AmeriSus is as Easy as 1, 2, 3 1 – Select a Style & Finish Get Started Today Skip the junk, don’t fall for the low-price come-ons & don’t waste your time […]

Be a Part of the Challenge

Fannie Mae Innovation Challenge Get Your Ideas submitted Access to affordable housing in America continues to be a challenge for many people. That’s why Fannie Mae (FM) is launching the Sustainable Communities Innovation Challenge (The Challenge). This initiative will generate innovative ideas that will help address the affordable housing crisis in America and further support […]

Cabinet Shipments Expanded to 27 States

Cabinet Shipments Expanded to 27 States Good news travels far and wide More and more builders are benefitting by getting their Wolf cabinets from Amerisus Wide selection of styles and finishes Variety of cabinet models and sizes All wood quality construction Fully assembled shipped in protective packaging Typical delivery in two weeks The best pricing […]

Saving Time

Saving Time When your home has been destroyed weeks turn into months and often recovery drags out for years. Reputable builders are unavailable Materials are expensive and in short supply Fly-by-night carpenters are not what you need Saves Everyone Money Get back to a level of normalcy in weeks Skip months of rental costs for […]


Want It Done Now?    Do It Yourself AmeriSus has been a leading provider of Whole Home Kit packages since its very beginning. That’s our business, Most of our customers are small local builders that we help to create fantastic eco-homes. The combined quality and value is unmatched in our industry, In addition to a […]

Eco-Equity™ Homes

Eco-Equity™ The New Term in Housing For years we’ve been describing our homes as being Affordable Unfortunately, Affordable seems to have a “poor” connotation That’s pure nonsense, our homes create wealth & equity So, we’ve replaced the term Affordable with our new Eco-Equity™ descriptor It is Green for more reasons than efficiency and sustainability With the primary […]

Kitchen Cabinets 4 Women

A Guy Picking the Best Fit Bra for You? That’s Doesn’t Makes Sense Neither Does Some Guy Selecting Cabinets Who Spends the Most Time in the Kitchen? Kitchen Cabinetry with a Woman’s Touch 95% of women’s lingere is sold and purchased by women. Who knows best about what’s needed & how it fits? 95% of kitchen cabinets […]

Time Matters

You can build a house like time doesn’t matter Or, you can build with AmeriSus and save money Here’s just one example of how the products we provide save time and money Take a Look AmeriSus Whole Home Kits provide everything a builder needs to complete a fantastic eco-home™ or eco-cottage™ quickly & more profitably. […]

Everything In The Wrong Place

Jeans with the Zipper in the Back? That’s Doesn’t Makes Sense Neither Does a House with Everything in the Wrong Place Eco-Designed™ only from AmeriSus New home design is a science where the proper upfront decisions can lead to years of comfort and savings. As energy from the sun plays a more important role in how […]