ADU News

ADU News Read About America’s Welcomed Solution to the Housing Crisis You can build a shack or an attractive AmeriSus ADU How many designs have you looked at where the proposed ADU looks like a low-cost trailer or a high-priced museum exhibit where neither concepts fit with the local architecture? AmeriSus ADU’s are different. Email […]

Economy Notes 6_30_18

Economy Notes June 30, 2018   Thoughts on what’s happening Our notes were dead on last year saying that Crude would not blossom up to a $75 range as projected by the experts. We see prices remaining flat below that number. We were also correct when we said Gold would drop down below the $1250 […]

ADU Pricing

ADU Pricing Transparency with AmeriSus Let’s Talk #’s If you are considering a cottage home or granny flat you should start with realistic handle on cost We provide complete kits that include structure, systems, fixtures & finishes to build a ready to occupy ADU. All you add is labor – yours or a local contractor. Let’s talk. […]

Odds & Ends

Just because its an eco-cottage Or even an ADU Doesn’t mean it can’t have a great kitchen Affordable Housing Wanted by Everyone Read More Cottage Neighborhoods Just More of a Good Thing Read More AmeriSus Plus Now up & running with fantastic sales Read More The new retail era is shipping things to your house. […]

SIP’s Not Straws

SIP’s Not Straws Recent news stories talk about drinking straws being a huge environmental waste problem. Here we are talking about a different kind of SIP’s. The SIP’s we use are Structural Insulated Panels. They make up the walls and roofs of our homes. Think of an ice-cream sandwich where there’s OSB (oriented Strand Board) […]

Fo’get About It !

Fo’get About It ! Ever wish you could actually move away to some hide-away and actually Fo’get about nearly everything? Or at least bring day-to-day pressures down to a reasonable level? Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of high rent or mortgage costs? How about bringing property taxes down to next to nothing?  Would […]

Plus has a new website

AmeriSus Plus Great Ideas for Great Projects Plus has moved over to a new dedicated website – follow this link All Wood Kitchen Cabinets Attractive styles and finishes fully assembled and delivered to your project – great pricing. Learn More Solid Surface Countertops Skip the hassle and high price of stone and get the same look […]