ADU News

ADU News Read About America’s Welcomed Solution to the Housing Crisis You can build a shack or an attractive AmeriSus ADU How many designs have you looked at where the proposed ADU looks like a low-cost trailer or a high-priced museum exhibit where neither concepts fit with the local architecture? AmeriSus ADU’s are different. Email […]

Recent ADU News

Recent ADU News AmeriSus delivers ADU’s that are BFC – Better – Faster – Cheaper ADU kits for builders and DIY’ers Now with over 400 customer support facilities nationwide Evanston IL Santa Rosa CA Pensacola FL Mill Valley CA Palo Alto CA San Diego CA Sonoma CA Chatham MA AmeriSus ADU kit homes deliver the […]

Economy Notes 6_30_18

Economy Notes June 30, 2018   Thoughts on what’s happening Our notes were dead on last year saying that Crude would not blossom up to a $75 range as projected by the experts. We see prices remaining flat below that number. We were also correct when we said Gold would drop down below the $1250 […]

ADU Pricing

ADU Pricing Transparency with AmeriSus Let’s Talk #’s If you are considering a cottage home or granny flat you should start with realistic handle on cost We provide complete kits that include structure, systems, fixtures & finishes to build a ready to occupy ADU. All you add is labor – yours or a local contractor. Let’s talk. […]

Odds & Ends

Just because its an eco-cottage Or even an ADU Doesn’t mean it can’t have a great kitchen Affordable Housing Wanted by Everyone Read More Cottage Neighborhoods Just More of a Good Thing Read More AmeriSus Plus Now up & running with fantastic sales Read More The new retail era is shipping things to your house. […]

SIP’s Not Straws

SIP’s Not Straws Recent news stories talk about drinking straws being a huge environmental waste problem. Here we are talking about a different kind of SIP’s. The SIP’s we use are Structural Insulated Panels. They make up the walls and roofs of our homes. Think of an ice-cream sandwich where there’s OSB (oriented Strand Board) […]

Fo’get About It !

Fo’get About It ! Ever wish you could actually move away to some hide-away and actually Fo’get about nearly everything? Or at least bring day-to-day pressures down to a reasonable level? Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of high rent or mortgage costs? How about bringing property taxes down to next to nothing?  Would […]