Now That’s Sustainability

Sustainable – the word has been popular for quite some time now.  We think our Conturrent™ lighting system is the world’s most sustainable.  Manufacturers like to attach this label to their products.  But at the end of the day isn’t part of the real test being able to do  say you can do more with less?  Perhaps […]

Unhealthy Flooring in the News

You may have seen the recent television news report (60 Minutes 3/1/15) exposing how builders looking to reduce costs have used flooring materials with unacceptably high levels of formaldehyde, a known carcinogenic. This flooring has been identified as being sold by Lumber Liquidators a national discount flooring products chain. Homeowners with such flooring installed in their homes […]

Rinnai Combi-Boiler Year-end Sale

Building new or remodeling this Rinnai combi-boiler really does the job One unit to heat your home and provide hot water See our fantastic price on Plus   Stainless steel primary boiler heat exchanger Copper nickel integrated secondary plate exchanger Compact wall-mounted design saves space over traditional boilers Integrated single-speed pump and expansion tank Super quiet […]

Office / Retail

We were approached by an accountant in Maryland looking to put a new office building on an existing lot right in the middle of a busy well trafficked downtown neighborhood. Since so many of our homes end up being put in place in established walkable neighborhoods the opportunity exists to use the same basic structure […]