The # 1 source for Whole Home kits


Leave all the work of getting the right products for your project to AmeriSus.

Our volume purchasing with over 2,000 suppliers saves you time and money,


You have a piece of property and the desire to create a fantastic new home.

We help homeowners satisfy their dreams by reducing project costs for builders.


20 years ago the idea of building your own home was a stretch for most people.

Today AmeriSus turns that idea into reality by making everything easier & faster.

We Also Supply Shells

Building Shells, that is.

You supply the dimensions and window and door locations and Amerisus will supply all the components for a completed shell structure.

That's SIP walls, floor joists, roof trusses, sub-flooring, roof sheathing, shingles, windows & doors.

Have your structure up, secure & weathertight in days. You finish the rest per your time schedule.

You pick the style – We provide the Kit

Main Street – Suburbia – Country – Vacation 

SIP Construction

Making for a superior building structure

Part of the reason why our homes get erected so quickly is because we use structural insulated panels (SIP's) for the exterior walls. SIP's are stronger than stick-built construction, significantly more energy efficient and easy to put in place. SIP walls are already insulated saving another step in the process and openings for windows and doors are precision cut at the factory eliminating the need to field-size each opening. An added plus, especially for inner-city projects is that SIP's reduce sound transmission. SIP's can come to the job site in large panels up to 24 feet in length so that a few crane lifts can have an entire house assembled in a day. Alternatively as in the picture panels can be shipped in smaller widths and easily set in place by one or two workers. SIP construction makes structural construction an easy task for DIY'ers.

We know ADU's

Eight years ago we started talking about Accessory Dwelling Units. Now its the talk of the nation with states & cities passing legislation in support of second homes in your very own backyard. Our ADU kits our the fastest way to create a quality home that's high in value & low in cost. If you are handy an AmeriSus ADU is a realistic project for the do-it-yourselfer.


See some of our standard models or bring us your plans for a custom quote.

More on AmeriSus

There's an interesting history as to how we got started and how far we have come. 


We're a "game changer" for home construction see more about how we work.


Our Whole Home kits are the best buy in the business for builders, homeowners & DIY'ers

What We Do Best

We're experts at: design, product specification, procurement & logistics – helping builders do what they do best.


Decades of design experience to make the inside and outside of your home become the talk of the neighborhood. – Good talk!

Product Specification

Don't settle for builder's grade or less. Every AmeriSus Whole Home kit includes materials that are high in value.


Local builders source local products that are available. AmeriSus specifies what's needed & gets it at the right price.


With over 2,000 suppliers including domestic manufacturers Amerisus gets products to the job site faster.

AmeriSus typically reduces

construction costs by 30% 

That translates into more profit for builders & lower costs for homeowners.

B – F – C

Better – Faster – Cheaper

We're Not in the Options Business

Unlike big builders where every upgrade is an option AmeriSus homes come with what you want in one fixed price package

Our suppliers work in America

Since our very beginning our focus has been to create fantastic homes using materials & products that are "Made in the USA".

Who would have thought that a global logistics crisis would make our procurement procedures the best in the business?

We focused on BFC – better, faster, cheaper

AmeriSus began as a question in search of an answer about building better homes that had high-efficiency and low-cost.

Twelve years later, AmeriSus ia now a national supplier of Whole Home kits to builders, developers & homeowners.

Why is AmeriSus a Leader

Below are just some of the reasons that make us different from all the other companies in the home building business.


Just click & drag to create beautiful pages in a matter of minutes. No designer talent or coding skills necessary.


AmeriSus kit homes are market leaders at reducing energy consumption plus material & labor waste.


AmeriSus fixed Whole Home kit price lets you see real material costs rather than blended in with labor pricing allowing you


Sourcing products from more than 3,000 suppliers gets the best buy for each project


Having a steady stream of projects nationwide allows for volume pricing along with dedicated supplier support


Our dedicated staff has been procuring materials pf p


Just click & drag to create beautiful pages in a matter of minutes. No designer talent or coding skills necessary.


AmeriSus kit homes are market leaders at reducing energy consumption plus material & labor waste.


Compare all that AmeriSus offers to builders in your area and you will understand why we're BFC


Our standard materials package creates a fantastic home and if you want more or less modification & options are a breeze.


Our homes big & small typically have their structural shell up, secure & weathertight in one week.


Bring vibrance to your site by setting color & transparency with our color overlays options. Simple, fast & stylish.

We love the impossible

When experts tell us

"it can't be done"

we say

"just watch"

Experienced Staff

Our team of professionals bring decades of design, engineering, procurement & construction expertise to each project.

Superior Data Management

Our proprietary data management systems & Ready Build scheduling reduces waste in time and labor.

Unmatched Sourcing

Our procurement skills are unmatched serving single-lot projects everywhere with more than 2,000 suppliers nationwide.

3 Most Frequent Questions

From Prospective Customers

What's the price?

Each new home is quoted as a fixed-price delivering everything to the job-site in a just-in-time fashion. Even with today's inflated Pandemic pricing AmeriSus prices can't be beat.

What's Included?

AmeriSus Whole Home kits include everything from the sill-plate up which includes: structure, doors, windows, exterior & interior finishes, utility systems, cabinetry, fixtures, appliances and more so that your home will be ready for occupancy in weeks.

How Do We Start?

Pick one of our models, bring your own plans, work with us to create a custom design. We'll quote that package and have all the needed materials flowing to job site in as little as 8 weeks .

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