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The 1st National Collaboration that Gets Serious About Reducing the Cost of Housing

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Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer Pricing Increase May 1, 2017 – Get Your Orders in Now & Save

Check Out Latest Brochure – Cabinet Specs – MSRP Price List – Create Your Own Order with Prices that Can’t Be Beat

Concerned About Security ?

Our Social Impact Income Fund

is absolutely



Cell Phone Rationing in 2018 – read our post

AmeriSus supplies Portland’s New Housing product – the ADU

AmeriSus Makes Home Building Easy

Whether you are a developer, builder or prospective homeowner you can be our customer.
We offer eco-homes and eco-cottages where we provide the designs, specify the components and get all the parts to the job site in a just-in-time fashion.
The result is a better built home that’s super efficient & high in value all for a price that’s typically 30% lower than similar homes built the old-fashioned way.

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Thousand Cottage Placement Program

A National Approach


Everyone Achieving the “American Dream

See What’s So Different About an AmeriSus Home

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Unmatched Purchasing Power for Projects Nationally

We’re Buying 12,000 windows, 6,000 doors & 1,000 toilets

And that’s just the beginning

Unprecedented Savings from Unprecedented Scale

The First Major Change to Housing Costs in Decades

1CPP ™ – The Game Changer for Housing

Flush Away Old Ideas About Making Homes Affordable

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Whole Home Kit Pricing

What’s the price of a new house?  We get asked that everyday. It is like the price of a new car!

Square foot numbers vary considerably based on size, model type, features and finishes.

An AmeriSus Whole Home Kit Package will typically run between $60 – $85 per sq ft.

One can figure that a builder’s cost for construction labor, management, OH & profit will be about the same.

Our Ready Build Spreadsheet Calculator can provide a ballpark estimate on pricing. Click below for download.

Ready Build™ Lite

# 1 Choice

Builders, Remodelers, DIY’rs

Eco-Home & Eco-Cottage Designs Both Custom & Off the Shelf

Sold as Complete or Partial  Kits

Project Materials, Systems, Products & Finishes

Innovative Technologies & Financial Solutions

We provide new home designs and all the materials at discount. Our Ready Build system creates an emergent approach so that builders can focus on building rather than specifying, sourcing, logistics and deliveries. The end result is a much improved process that saves time, reduces costs and waste delivering a superior end result.

What suppliers are focused on improving your overall profitability?

AmeriSus Launches Artificial Intelligence System WANDA for Project Control

Infill Multi-Family

Detached Single-Family

Procurement & Logistics

Designed to Blend with Existing

Winter Weather Blues

Snow and everything else that comes with winter can make for slow going when traditional stick-built construction is involved.

Homes built with SIP’s (structural insulated panels) result in a weatherproof and secure structure that’s in place in less that five days allowing your crew  to keep on working regardless of outside weather conditions.

Let us help you get a house in place fast so you can work inside in February.

Check Out Some of Our Models

We’ve taken digital processing to a higher level

Where all parts of the building puzzle come together

Then the system begins to learn how to do it BFC

That’s Better, Faster, Cheaper (as in cost not quality)


Replace that Countertop

Make an old kitchen look like new

Do-it-yourself     Skip the hassle of a stone specialist

Put their profit in your pocket

Acrylic Countertops @ Half the Price of Stone or Quartz

  • Rich colors and patterns
  • Easily cut and shaped
  • Allows for seamless intallation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Stain resistant & sanitary
  • Shipped to your job site
  • No more than an afternoon’s work
  • Include a solid surface backsplash
Follow link for color selections      
Send us your kitchen cabinet layout we’ll price out great wood cabinets – see more

Countertop with matching backsplash color shown above = Mesquite

New Zillow Report on Housing

Says Millennials are Driving the Market

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Check Out our Eco-Cottage Comparison

Our Social Impact Income Fund (SIIF) now in Round 12 has hit a new high for participation.

The goal this round is $500,000.

Millennials & Seniors Attracted to Low Cost of

Our Smaller Eco-Cottage

All that one needs for Living Simple


Tells Us What You Like About Our Georgian Infill

Impressive details inside this 20-foot-wide design include the kitchen’s snack counter, a corner fireplace in the great room, and the third-floor loft. A charming patio and porch connect the rear garage with the main house. The great room overlooks a courtyard. Upstairs, the master suite includes a surprisingly large walk-in closet and a private bathroom with two sinks. Another bedroom has use of the hall bath. Up a flight, the loft would make a great office.   more


2 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 1,788 sf, 20′ X 40′ footprint
  • Balcony-Interior
  • Kitchen built in booth
  • Dressing Room
  • Fireplace
  • Great / Gathering Room
  • Laundry Room-Second Floor
  • Loft
  • Open Floor Plan
  • Snack Bar

They said “Impossible” – We said “Let’s Make it the Norm”

An Eco-Cottage™ for the price of a monthly car payment.

Homes a couple earning minimum wage can afford.

A solution for seniors, singles & young professionals that’s real today

Your choice a Range Rover or an Eco-Cottage – compare at the same price?       Check Out Our NewEcoCottage

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.46.51 PM

Give Us a try so that we can become your best experience

Nothing else compares

Attractive Energy Efficient Home Designs

Sustainable Materials – Labor Saving Systems – High-Value Products

Services Unmatched in the Housing Industry

Builder – Remodeler – Do-It-Yourselfer

Cut Your Costs By 20%

Planner – Developer – City or Town Administrator

The Ultimate Approach to Affordable Housing

Our Eco-Cottage Program is a Low Impact Smart Development Approach

(Call us to learn how we can hit your sweet-spot )

Why Build Modular When You Can Get So Much More For a Lesser Price?


Another Eco-Cottage from AmeriSus

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.23.31 PM

Boost Builder Revenue

& Owner  Satisfaction


Looking for a Slightly Larger Eco-Cottage?

Check Out This Group


Builder’s Special

Install Your Own Attractive Acrylic Countertops

Cut Out the Middleman – Save Time – Offer Greater Flexibility

Renewable, Low Maintenance, Seamless,  Stain Resistant, Non-Porous, Sanitary & Clean

Cut with saw, edge with router, make seams disappear with sander/buffer

The look of stone yet at a fraction of the cost

A Better approach for Builders, Remodelers & DIY’ers

See colors and sizes

Another Great Eco-Home

With Start-Up Costs funded by

AmeriSus Social Impact Income Fund

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 9.59.47 AM

New Narrow Lot Craftsman Model

AmeriSus Narrow Lot Craftsman Model – Only 32 ft wide           (click on picture to see floor plan)

75% of the Homes Created by AmeriSus are Custom Built
Take a look at our standard models (the Homes tab) to get some ideas

Any of those homes can be modified to add more or less space

Have a plan you found and like we can build that the AmeriSus way
Then give us a call to discuss something special for your project

AmeriSus & SIP Construction a Longtime Relationship

We’ve Been promoting the benefits of SIP Construction for Years

SIP = Structural Insulated Panel


See what an industry expert has to say

(click on picture above)

Version 2

Detached or Attached We Build Them with Passion

Quality materials, systems & products that together yield unmatched efficiency, value and price.

Ask about our City Benefits™ program which creates a revenue stream for participating towns.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 4.17.54 PM

The World’s Most Sustainable Lighting System

Conturrent™ from AmeriSus

One panel controls LED lighting inside and out using simple low-voltage DC

A system that can power 150 LED lamps from a single electric outlet

No thick AC wires, No recessed metal cans, No clumsy switches & No replacement bulbs

The most affordable system to install and the least costly to operate

Visit our Conturrent website for more info & watch for our weekly Summer sales packages

Take a look at our Easy Living 3 model

A perfect starter home or empty-nester retreat

Much talk about jobs going overseas these days.


American jobs and materials have always been an AmeriSus focus

More than 95% of the materials going into our homes are Made in America

Since our homes are built on site  the workforce is local labor

Our AC supplier Goodman is creating something  BIG Gigantic in Texas

Click on the AC unit to the left to see how Goodman is putting its $ on the line

Procurement Services that Improve Your Profitability

Save 20% on materials, 10% on labor and 5% on taxes

Does Your Supplier Really Care About Reducing Your Costs?

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.31.38 PM

Building your next home with AmeriSus can easily double your profitability on a single house.

Projects with multiple homes can offer even greater savings.​


You Can Build More For Less with AmeriSus – We’ve Changed the Process

A new home can be the beginning of an adventure that sets the stage for years to come. At AmeriSus we make the process easy, affordable and a reality for nearly anyone. Our eco-cottage models start at pricing that’s unmatched.

  • If you are a builder, call us to learn how we can help you increase revenue, profit and customer satisfaction.
  • If you are a prospective homeowner, call us to learn how a new eco-home can be a near-term reality.
  • If you are saving for a new home, check out our Social Impact Income Fund as a way to earn 10% APR.
  • If you are involved in creating affordable housing, call us to learn why AmeriSus is the single best approach.

Forget the McMansion and go affordable with AmeriSus charm – click on image for more

Farmhouse Ranch Blends Space & Light with Affordability

Click on Picture for Floor Plan

Planning Begins Now for Spring Building Season

The parts that you don’t see are just as important.


Give us a call to learn about the many hidden features that make an AmeriSus home so special.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.05.59 PM

 “Affordable” at AmeriSus Doesn’t Imply Shortcuts on Quality or Value

AmeriSus 28 Private – Whole Home Package Delivered for You to Construct on Your Site $124,999

Our Cabinets are Made in America for your Project

Durable Maple Doors & Drawers

Variety of Styles & Finishes
U.S.A. made Hinges and Drawer Glides
Fully Assembled – Shipped in Corrugated Packaging Ready to Install

Save Hours on Installation and Dollars on Complete Kitchens

Skip the assemble-it-yourself particle-board imports.


Maple Hardwood shown in Heritage Brown – Crimson – Crimson w/ Chocolate Glaze

Smaller Houses with Bigger Kitchens

Version 2

At AmeriSus we have always thought that the kitchen was the most important room in the house. Because a kitchen gets a high level of use the individual components that go into need to be durable besides attractive. Our Whole Home Kit Packages bring together products from some of the most respected manufacturers in the business and we make the whole process simple by handling all the details with design, product selection, procurement and delivery being handled as one purchase in a trouble-free manner.

Great components! Great warranties! Great Pricing! Great Service!​

The old-fashioned dinning room that saw use a few times each year is gradually disappearing in today’s new houses with homeowners spending wisely and questioning the need for a room that gets such little use. The result of that thinking is larger kitchens with additional space for dinning and gathering. Not having to incur the cost of dinning room square footage and the associated furnishings a homeowner can direct those monies saved into an expanded kitchen design that satisfies the needs of a busy lifestyle with features and products that can provide years of satisfaction.

Need a Kitchen or Bath Package for your Project? – Call AmeriSus


Ask about receiving it all as a package in one of our Ready Pack POD’s shipped to your job site.

How many telephone calls, vendor visits and back & forth trips are part of your typical kitchen project?

Save all that time, eliminate the hassle and get cash savings with AmeriSus.

Our modern-styled Starter 24

The Millennial Alternative to Expensive Housing


Quick & Easy to Build – Cheaper by the Dozen

Give us a call to learn more about this new exciting eco-home.

AmeriSus CEO Speaks Out About Business & 2016

Consider Our Main Street Family Model

Classic on the Outside – High Tech on the Inside

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.02.48 PM

1700 sq. ft. – 32 ft wide – 1st Floor Master Bed & Bath, Sunroom, 2 or 3 bedrooms upstairs – floor plan

Sometimes what’s behind closed doors is just as imprtant.

When builder’s say “this is the kitchen we provide” maybe it is time to

Consider AmeriSus and “get the kitchen you want”


BER_openCall us for more information about how we balance quality, value and efficiency so that builder’s can deliver a superior home at an attractive price.

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