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The AmeriSus Whole Home Package

Unmatched Quality & Value in Every Home

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When it comes to Hot Air – we’re full of it!


unico_high_velocity_systemThat includes cold air as well.  At AmeriSus we specify high velocity air handling systems which compared to bulky inefficient metal duct systems makes one wonder why others keep building the old-fashioned way.  The result is an amazingly low-noise system that provides better air circulation, less heat loss, improved energy efficiency and for anyone concerned about interior decorating the mini-outlets (which come in a variety of styles and finishes at a few inches in diameter) do not tie-up valuable wall or floor space like traditional vent registers.  In smaller rooms that’s significant.

Faster to install, less prone to leakage, improved circulation and a better appearance.  That’s a win-win.


Trueform Concrete adds Pizzaz to Kitchen Countertops

Eco-friendly concrete products look great conserve energy, minimize waste and protect the environment.
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We’re Crazy About Making Your New Home Just Right

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Questions from Infill Builders:

  • Can you supply the AmeriSus package to tight crowded downtown neighborhoods?

We do that all the time.  Singles, duplexes, triplexes and mid-rise whatever & wherever.

  • What’s the typical Ready Build schedule?

On average our homes get built in 8-10 weeks.  Usually weather is not an issue.

  • Your package price is higher than what we usually spend.

We provide higher value product requiring reduced labor cost so that your total cost is lower.


Our Triple-F Infill Town Homes (below) Deliver Quality, Value & Efficiency at Affordable Pricing

ff2240a-1Better materials, systems and products = Better Homes.  


The money you will save with a new AmeriSus home in the future is more significant than the money you will save at the time of construction.  Our low purchase prices are a one-time affair.  The quality and technology we build into every house keeps on saving day after day.

It is certain that energy costs will continue to rise and become an ever larger part of the household budget.  To combat that eventuality AmeriSus specifies very special products that will play a key role in making an AmeriSus home last longer while generating savings year after year.  Read more


In the military “Got Your Six” means “I’ve Got Your Back”


Whose eyes are focused on your best interests?

Venturing into the unknown can be dangerous whether you are in a combat zone or entering the unfamiliar world of new home construction.  You need help that is focused on results more than builder profits.  All types of shenanigans take place in the construction industry and unfortunately all too often important issues get decided by the amount of $ going into a builders wallet rather what’s best for your new house.

When you are spending hard earned money on a new home you need somebody that’s “Got Your Six”, as they say, so that you don’t get shortchanged.  New home construction is a lot more than wood and nails and the wrong decision on products and materials can be costly upfront and more costly over time  Every AmeriSus home comes with the dedication of a committed team that works to deliver the best mix of materials, systems and products to each home they help create with a dutiful focus on quality and value.

Whatever you might be building large, small or in-between “We’ve got your back” when it comes to all that AmeriSus supplies for your special project.  Don’t get stuck after-the-fact when Bob the builder’s answer becomes “that’s how we do it” in response to questions about the materials used and integrity of your new home.

When you go to contract and are uncertain about what might be going down have your builder commit to the AmeriSus Whole Home Package Guarantee.  If he won’t what you might be getting is a knockoff with value no different than an imitation designer handbag or watch.

AmeriSus and its reference to the  military term “Got Your Six” has no affiliation with the “Got Your 6” campaign of Be The Change Inc.

The KEY to Locking in Costs for your New AmeriSus Home


It had to happen.  The media has told so many stories about the economy getting better that many manufacturers and suppliers in the home construction business actually believe that message and one by one they have been raising their prices.  It is not uncommon to be notified that the cost of lumber, windows, siding, utility systems, finish items, etc. are being raised 5%, 7% and even 10%.  When was the last time you got a 10% raise?  Probably a long time ago.  Add increases on fuel, tolls, transportation, healthcare and the result is a significant bump up in the final price of a home.    We don’t know where it is going but at AmeriSus we make every effort to minimize the effects of price increases by building smarter and taking advantage of our national buying power.  Whether you are a builder or a homeowner when you enter into a contract with AmeriSus you lock in your price so that material and product increases that occur during construction do not become a cost increase for your building project.

Skip the tile and make it more than just a bathroom

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Vaulted Ceilings & Glass turn small into BIG


Thin is In – 16 ft  wide for those Narrow Lots


Popular Alterna Flooring from Armstrong Now at AmeriSus

Combines Style & Functionality with a Lifetime Warranty

AlternaW6 out of 6 Homeowners are Glad they built AmeriSus

Imagine if that were a batting average!

  1. “We expected to save on utility bills because it was an eco-home but we were blown away when the bills arrived at a fraction of what we paid in our previous smaller home.”

  2. “AmeriSus stays on top of its builders so that nothing falls through the cracks.  It is like having a project supervisor that works for you rather than the builder.”

  3. “I liked the idea of having the individual products and components purposefully selected by AmeriSus so that everything works as a system rather than having a subcontractor pick the parts where he enjoys a big markup”

  4. “Our last house was built by a recognized luxury builder.  After 7 years it began to fall apart.  Our AmeriSus home has items that are guaranteed for longer than I will be around.”

  5. “AmeriSus didn’t nickel and dime us where everything was an option.  The design was great, the features were better and we got into our house on time as promised.”

  6. “There’s all kinds of characters in the home building business and we met many when shopping for a new house.  We were impressed with the team at AmeriSus from day one.  They were nice, truthful and made the process enjoyable.  What a great business model!”


The New Year Brings Project Starts Up & Down the Coast

Here in Lavalette 1 of 4 New Homes within 200 feet of each other


Small houses – Big Bathroom’s

Luxury Features at Affordable Pricing

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Sharing a new home with a partner, friend or family?

Our DoubleDouble has enough space for Everyone.

And there’s no need to settle for the smaller bedroom.


So Much for a Mild Winter

Is Your Furnace Running Non-Stop?

AmeriSus Homes Put an End to High Utility Bills


Only 14 ft Deep an Infill Duplex Classic



Everybody Ends Up In The Kitchen – Do It Right with AmeriSus












Structure, Systems, Features & Finishes

Purposefully Selected for a Superior AmeriSus Home
tr 2

Start Building Now and be Enjoying Your New Home by Springtime


Tired of hearing builders say they can’t include the features you want in your new home?

AmeriSus & Your Local Builder Make the Impossible Possible

What Fits Under Your BFE?

Anybody can just build a house.  Learn how AmeriSus is different in delivering unmatched value to your building project.

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We couldn’t build a better Kitchen Display Center

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Contract Now for Spring 2014 Occupancy

AmeriSus NJ Beach Homes Best Value Up & Down the Coast


Get Elevated with this AmeriSus Design for Little Egg Harbor


Need a Compact Laundry that fits in a Closet?

Live alone?  Can’t fill that large capacity washer?  Try the Thin Twin and save space & energy.

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Global Warming has no impact on Swanstone Ice

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Summer is Over Let’s Get Building

When we say things are cooking at AmeriSus we mean they are really cooking!

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen you should have the best name in appliances.



Beach House 4 Plus (above) – adds 12% more space to BH 4

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We Make Homebuilding a Colorful Experience


Tired of Getting the Rebuilding Run-around?

Did that Low Cost Sales Pitch turn into a High Cost Proposal?

Do different suppliers say the other guy handles that?

Does it seem as though there is no simple solution?

Call us to learn how an AmeriSus home built on your lot provides the highest value for the lowest price.


Everyone Spends More Time in Our IKEA Kitchens


When material costs decline our home prices get reduced.

Rather than play the increased material cost game we pass the savings on to our customers.


So you are thinking about a factory-built home

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Ask yourself why the nation’s top builders don’t build using modular construction?

Then consider that AmeriSus came to the same conclusion years ago.

Nothing beats a home that’s built onsite by local professionals.

Carriage Hill Developers our preferred builder for Long Island call Terry Fox to schedule an appointment Call 516 935-4111 X 101

Follow-Up Answers to Questions from Breezy Homeowners

Scroll through the topics below to see why AmeriSus homes are different

Take a look at some of the literature describing AmeriSus

Just Released FEMA Best Available Flood Hazard Data

Disaster Area Homeowners have HIgh Level of Visits to AmeriSus Website in May


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“Appliances included” means ALL appliances

When you build an Amerisus home the price includes much more. Our homes come with a complete slate of Whirlpool appliances in a variety of stye, model and color choices and that goes beyond the kitchen to our laundry centers that come with washers and dryers that do everything but fold up the clothes.  Follow the Whirlpool link to see their fine line of appliances like the laundry units shown in the above beach house.


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Hardwood Flooring to Last a Lifetime

All AmeriSus homes come with hardwood flooring throughout the entire home.  That includes the first floor, second and even the third.  Show above is Armstrong’s Performance Plus hardwood which is a tough acrylic infused hardwood making it 2.5 times as hard as regular wood to resist dents and wear. It features a scratch and stain-resistant Nano Aluminum Oxide finish and a Lifetime Residential warranty.  



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Thermostats that know when you are home or away.

Jumping on the technology band wagon simply because something is new can be risky business. What seems cool today just might create more problems than anticipated. That’s why we like to try things out before making them available for our customers. When the innovative Nest thermostat first hit the scene we were impressed so we bought a few put them in the homes of our design team for a test run. The group is pretty finicky when it comes to home gizmos so if the Nest thermostat had issues the AmeriSus group wouldn’t be bashful about making their opinions heard. Guess what? Nobody will give them back. Everyone without exception said that their Nest thermostat exceeded their expectations, worked flawlessly and provided a new level of home environmental control unlike anything they had experienced. As a result our homes now include Nest thermostats.  Follow this link to learn more.

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Kitchen faucets that are a notch above.

Why buy a home with design concepts from 20 years ago when AmeriSus can provide leading edge design at an affordable price?  Our plumbing partner Grohe provides fantastic faucets for our homes. Check out the new Minta Touch model


We Sweat the Small Stuff in order to Create a Better Home

Just like everything else in an AmeriSus home even our plumbing connections go beyond the norm.  That’s important because the benefits extend to both builder and homeowner by saving money, reducing liability and installing quickly with a product that is visually appealing, easy to use & versatile.  For the last 50+ years old fashioned dust-collecting valves (left) have hung on the wall beneath sinks and toilets gradually becoming an eyesore.  AmeriSus homes use the Pull Stop Box from LSP Products (right) to turn an old-fashioned approach into a smart new way of doing things.

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Wood flooring as a standard feature not an option.

Every AmeriSus homes comes with wood flooring throughout the home as a standard feature.  When we talk about our plank flooring it is the real thing.  Browse through the many fantastic types of flooring available from Armstrong and to put a smile on your face watch these kids put Armstrong hardwood to the test as they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


Now That’s What We Call Fireproof

Everyone that’s selling is out there making all kinds of claims about their product and we maintain the attitude of the people of Missouri (the show-me-state) where if your product is that good show us.  In the home building business there are thousand of products and different ones serve different purposes.   When we heard of a popular building material that was claimed to be fire proof and cost competitive with other materials we said “show me”.  When we saw the evidence it was so amazing that at first we thought the photo was Photoshop-ed.  Turns out the product and the photo above is real and did they show us.  As in the above an entire neighborhood of homes was struck by a fire storm in California and only one survived totally unscathed with the building shell made of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete which turns out o be one remarkable building product that is now offered via AmeriSus.


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Kitchen cabinetry that is Modern, Functional & Durable

So many kitchens in new homes look like your grandma’s kitchen.  We changed that by including IKEA  kitchen cabinets in our homes.  The styles are cool, the choices and features are just right and whatever you choose you can be confident that it can take years of daily wear.  The kitchen is the place where everyone spends more and more time so it only makes sense to have an entire IKEA cabinet system that you can count on.  Take a closer look at the line of kitchen cabinets at IKEA.    


What’s the Cost of Replacing a Toasted TV or Computer?

It could be a good amount of money.  Today’s homes are filled with sophisticated electronic devices where the circuitry can be damaged as a result of power spikes and surges.  Does it seem that whenever a storm rolls through or when the summer heat peaks your power supply fluctuates?  Having the entire neighborhood turn back on instantly or having lightning interfere with your electric supply can produce surges that can fry your appliances.

To remedy that problem AmeriSus homes come with a Complete Home Surge Protection System to protect your home from the damaging effects of electrical surges.  That’s premium surge protection for AC power, telephone, and cable at the point of entrance to your home.  Protection at this location can reduce surges entering the home to an acceptable level for your home electronics and appliances.  Included is a replacement warranty for up to $75,000 to repair or replace any electrical devices damaged while the system is in place.  Not bad!.

Helping homeowners in tri-state area build elevated homes along the coast. Flyer

Martin Builders now a preferred AmeriSus builder with 35+ years of New Jersey construction experience in Ocean, Monmouth & Mercer counties. Learn more

3 new elevated models with a 26′ X 42′ footprint follow the LINK

Also see our 30′ X 40′ 4-Bedroom 2-Bath Raised Ranch LINK.

Our Ready Build™ schedule sets a fast pace to get your new home finished quickly. LINK

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Building at the Beach? See why industry experts call us the Game Changer.

We provide builders with complete home kits delivered to the job site in a just-in-time fashion so that they can build homes large and small that are attractive, super efficient, high in value and affordable. Click on Homes to see our various models, specs. & FAQ’s.

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