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Build a New Home that’s: Better, Faster & Cheaper

AmeriSus whole home kits bring better value, fast construction and unbeatable pricing to projects anywhere. Unlike stick-built or modular construction our homes get built at the job-site by local labor with all the parts being delivered in a just-in-time fashion so that an average sized home is secure and weather-tight in less than a week.

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Build Where You Want

Where you build is usually the #1 criteria when considering a new home construction project. AmeriSus allows you to satisfy the “where” because its business is creating homes one-at-a-time everywhere. Whether you pick that empty lot of of Main Street, a tree-covered site in the burbs, a fun vacation spot or a tear-down opportunity in a great neighborhood AmeriSus will help create a low-cost, high-quality solution that’s just right.

Total Design Flexibility

Pick any of our standard models, bring your own plans or work with us to create something unique. More than 50% of the homes AmeriSus creates are custom designed. Many of our models can take on a different look with a facade change so they conform to local architecture.

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Purchased & Delivered

AmeriSus takes care of all the front-end work allowing builders to do what they do best and that’s BUILD. We integrate floor plans with designs that improve constructability. Then we specify quality materials procured via volume purchasing through a nation-wide network of suppliers delivering quality components on schedule at unmatched pricing.

Everything delivered to the job site in a just-in-time fashion

Have it Your Way & Save

Our Ready Build System improves constructability reducing material & labor waste resulting in increased profits for builders or lower overall building costs for DIY’ers. Our Whole Home Kits include everything from the sill plate up. That makes building easier and faster for experienced Pro’s & DIY’ers.

Simple Build for DIY’ers

In today’s DIY world home projects of every kind are tackled by homeowners. An AmeriSus Whole Home kit delivers a structure that can be assembled quickly & easily with the balance of project work being dozens of DIY projects. Laying flooring, setting cabinetry, installing plumbing fixtures, etc. are made easier by AmeriSus.

How to get Started

We’ve been creating fantastic new homes for over a decade saving time & money for our customers. Start with us by working on a home design & layout so that we can be on the same page as to wants & desires in order to provide a fixed price quote. A next step would be preparing the documentation needed for local approvals which usually includes architectural plans. With approvals in hand, on-site foundation work can begin while the structural components of your home are being manufactured. From that point on your new home can be completed in as little as ten weeks. See a Typical Project Schedule below.

Amerisus kit homes include appliances as a part of each Whole Home package

Any questions just reach out to us:

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