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Ready Build™ Cottages

Changing Like You Can’t Believe

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Mitsubishi Mini Split Systems – this Summer’s Cool Product 

See Summer Pricing on new MVZ Series of Ducted Air Handlers  – 1-3 Ton   (more)


Cottage Home Activity Satisfies Growing Need of Single Occupant Household Segment

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One third of the households in America have one occupant. In many large cities the percentage is greater than 50% yet despite this growing trend the majority of new homes built have three bedrooms or more.  Millennials and seniors  looking for a simpler more affordable approach to living are gravitating to smaller cottage homes.

AmeriSus launched a cottage home initiative back in 2009 called “Operation Apple Pie” which included five Liberty Series models ranging in size from 600 to 1200 square feet.  Since then additional models like those shown here have been added to the program.  A way to make these homes even more affordable came about in 2011 with the introduction of HELP ™ which is the company’s unique Home Eco Lease Program that allows occupants to live in an attractive detached eco-home for less that $700 per month.

To encourage communities to embrace smaller homes individually and in cluster neighborhoods AmeriSus created the City Benefits ™ program which provides a revenue for towns that advance the development of smaller scale housing.




UnknownPower failures are meaningless with Conturrent™ lighting.

Since Conturrent lighting systems run on low voltage DC current they can have a battery backup system that maintains a charge when utility  power is on and goes into action whe the power goes off.  Because Conturrent lighting use so little energy a backup feature can provide all the light you might need.  One can take that feature to the next level with a solar option where for a modest cost a small solar package provides all the energy needed to maintain the battery system and power the lights in your home day or night.


Wolf Cabinetry Now at AmeriSus

Made in America – All Maple Construction

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Call to learn how your project can get better cabinets for less.

McSmart out does McMansion

AmeriSus can bring old-time character to your new eco-home.

Affordable, Super-Efficienct & Sustainable with Style

Making New Look Like Old

New Approach to Lighting a Big Hit at Builders Show

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Built right on your site

An outstanding eco-home at affordable pricing

Talk to everyone else than talk to us – You will be impressed with the difference.

1650 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms 2 baths - plenty of beach fun - Under $250K

1650 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms 2 baths – plenty of beach fun – Under $250K

Experience Applicable To Any Project


New construction with stone facade and metal roof accents creates old world charm.

You Can Have It Your Way

When builders and homeowners come to us looking for an affordable eco-home they look at some of our designs and then start to talk about how they want to add this and add that so that what they might be looking at takes on a different appearance.  We say go ahead because our building process allows for the additions of all kinds of features so that your end product is customized to your liking.  As in the picture we can add a stone facade with brick trim, ornate porch columns, floor to ceiling windows or decorative metal roofing just to illustrate a few of hundreds of examples.

New Custom Beach Homes Built on Your Site starting at $120,000 


We do much more than single family homes.

w of Triple F




Infill projects are a large part of our business with builders seeking to maximize site density with town homes and multi-family housing product.  Our Triple-F building system works with 12, 16, 20 & 22 foot building widths to create a near endless mix of unit sizes that can be duplicated and matched together. Unlike modular these homes are built on site. The unit here has a two-car garage, two balconies facing the street and another balcony facing the rear yard. Structural design allows for an open layout where interior wall placement can be where you want it or not at all.  Talk to our design team to learn more about our Triple-F system and how it can be used on your site.

 Cold feet eliminated with our Island Flooring™ by FLOR

A unique combination of an elegant hardwood perimeter with a central island of inlaid carpet.
Easy, simple and flexible without the problems of area rugs.

Click on image to see carpet styles we can provide

AmeriSus PLUS providing products for your project


Tired of paying high prices for low quality?  Have a project that needs a budgetary lift?  Check out PLUS each week.

If it is good enough for an AmeriSus home you should consider it for the one you are building or remodeling.

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Pick out what works for you project and have it arrive promptly hassle-free.

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space California Simplicity that Can Be Located Anywhere


Click on image to see floor plan

900 sq. ft.  – 34W X 34D – 1 Bdrm – 1 Bath – 1 Small Monthly Payment

Great Home Designs for the Beach

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Click on image to see floor plan


1600 sq. ft. – 30W X 34D – 2 levels – 2 Bdrms – 2 Baths – 3 ft or 9 ft off the ground 


2020 sq. ft. – 34′ w X 52′ D – 4 Bedrooms – 3 Full Baths Click on image to see floor plan

Learn About Smart Building with AmeriSus

Patio Lounge Chairs by Ocean

Super Efficient HVAC, Water & Lighting

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Conturrent™ the ultimate eco-lighting solution

So remarkably different we came up with a unique name describing the Control of Current for the ultimate eco-lighting solution. The results are astounding.

Our Conturrent™ lighting system installs faster and easier because it doesn’t require all the materials of a traditional lighting setup. Fewer resources consumed, less materials shipped, fewer manhours to install, less energy consumed, no headaches and less cost for your project day after day.  Visit our Conturrent website


Here’s a 6″ LED fixture 880 lumens thinner than a postage stamp.

The right materials, systems & products make AmeriSus homes that much better.


The AmeriSus Design Team Can Match Your Budget to a Dream

You Won’t Hear Our People Say We Can’t Do That!


Can We Think Out-of-the-Box —– You Bet!

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Our Ready Build System Brings Savings to Each Home

Turning Your Wish List into Reality

Dupont Tyvek Housewrap Engineered for Superior Performance

Great Value – Great Prices – Great People

We’ve Got It All

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Email or Call to learn more about how we can build the house you want for less

Spend, Spend, Spend

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That’s Not Our Way of Thinking

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HERS Index




Our Standard is their Option


AmeriSus Eco-cottages Save, Save, Save

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Tired of Getting the Builder Run-Around?

Did Your Price Go Up and Home Package Go Down?

AmeriSus Now has a Builder Team for Something Better

Send us a quick email and we will get back to you with Something Better.


AmeriSus Homes Use Less Materials & Less Energy


Smart Homes with Smart Features



The AmeriSus Whole Home Package

Unmatched Quality & Value in Every Home

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When it comes to Hot Air – we’re full of it!


unico_high_velocity_systemThat includes cold air as well.  At AmeriSus we specify high velocity air handling systems which compared to bulky inefficient metal duct systems makes one wonder why others keep building the old-fashioned way.  The result is an amazingly low-noise system that provides better air circulation, less heat loss, improved energy efficiency and for anyone concerned about interior decorating the mini-outlets (which come in a variety of styles and finishes at a few inches in diameter) do not tie-up valuable wall or floor space like traditional vent registers.  In smaller rooms that’s significant.

Faster to install, less prone to leakage, improved circulation and a better appearance.  That’s a win-win.

Questions from Infill Builders:

  • Can you supply the AmeriSus package to tight crowded downtown neighborhoods?

We do that all the time.  Singles, duplexes, triplexes and mid-rise whatever & wherever.

  • What’s the typical Ready Build schedule?

On average our homes get built in 8-10 weeks.  Usually weather is not an issue.

  • Your package price is higher than what we usually spend.

And so is the quality of our materials.  But our products reduce your labor costs so the end result is less.


Our Triple-F Infill Town Homes (below) Deliver Quality, Value & Efficiency at Affordable Pricing


Better materials, systems and products = Better Homes.  


The money you will save with a new AmeriSus home in the future is more significant than the money you will save at the time of construction.  Our low purchase prices are a one-time affair.  The quality and technology we build into every house keeps on saving day after day.

It is certain that energy costs will continue to rise and become an ever larger part of the household budget.  To combat that eventuality AmeriSus specifies very special products that will play a key role in making an AmeriSus home last longer while generating savings year after year.  Read more


The KEY to Locking in Costs for your New AmeriSus Home



It had to happen.  The media has told so many stories about the economy getting better that many manufacturers and suppliers in the home construction business actually believe that message and one by one they have been raising their prices.  It is not uncommon to be notified that the cost of lumber, windows, siding, utility systems, finish items, etc. are being raised 5%, 7% and even 10%.  When was the last time you got a 10% raise?  Probably a long time ago.  Add increases on fuel, tolls, transportation, healthcare and the result is a significant bump up in the final price of a home.    We don’t know where it is going but at AmeriSus we make every effort to minimize the effects of price increases by building smarter and taking advantage of our national buying power.  Whether you are a builder or a homeowner when you enter into a contract with AmeriSus you lock in your price so that material and product increases that occur during construction do not become a cost increase for your building project.

Skip the tile and make it more than just a bathroom

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.01.18 PM

Vaulted Ceilings & Glass turn small into BIG


Thin is In – 16 ft  wide for those Narrow Lots


Popular Alterna Flooring from Armstrong Now at AmeriSus

Combines Style & Functionality with a Lifetime Warranty


6 out of 6 Homeowners are Glad they built AmeriSus

Imagine if that were a batting average!

  1. “We expected to save on utility bills because it was an eco-home but we were blown away when the bills arrived at a fraction of what we paid in our previous smaller home.”
  2. “AmeriSus stays on top of its builders so that nothing falls through the cracks.  It is like having a project supervisor that works for you rather than the builder.”
  3. “I liked the idea of having the individual products and components purposefully selected by AmeriSus so that everything works as a system rather than having a subcontractor pick the parts where he enjoys a big markup”
  4. “Our last house was built by a recognized luxury builder.  After 7 years it began to fall apart.  Our AmeriSus home has items that are guaranteed for longer than I will be around.”
  5. “AmeriSus didn’t nickel and dime us where everything was an option.  The design was great, the features were better and we got into our house on time as promised.”
  6. “There’s all kinds of characters in the home building business and we met many when shopping for a new house.  We were impressed with the team at AmeriSus from day one.  They were nice, truthful and made the process enjoyable.  What a great business model!”



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