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What More Could Anyone Want?

A National Program to Make Housing Affordable for Everyone

it’s called the

“Thousand Cottage Placement Program”


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Until Now Affordable Housing has been Addressed Project by Project by Project

It is Time for a Different Approach

That Can Serve Anyone

And Can Be Done Everywhere

At AmeriSus we’ve always had this thing for BFC


A Superior Approach & Product

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Built in Less than 30 Days

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High in Value & Low in Price

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We’ve been taking notes on what people really want.

It’s not new highs on Wall Street or another rate increase by the Fed

Whether young or old, it is all about quality of life a and safe place to live comfortably and affordably

1CPP is a Start

Tired of tall buildings, chaotic parking, high prices & neighbors you don’t know?

Big cities are for big incomes. We’ve Always Focused on the other 90%.

A simple house in a quiet town makes the American Dream attainable.

A home that is truly affordable helps create smart household economics.

It’s about time to take control of the situation and start creating homes that can help build futures.

One Eco-Cottage built 1,000 times is the start of a new national movement in housing.

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Everyone Wants Affordable Housing

Make it Work in Your Town

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AmeriSus is the affordable solution that works everywhere for everyone

Eco-Homes – Eco-Cottages – Carriage Houses – Granny Flats – Garage Apts. – Stand Alone – Clustered – Entire Neighborhoods

Tired of the High-Rise Life? Start Living the Affordable Life Outside of the City with Amerisus

Is Low-Rise the solution that maintains your town’s character?   (more)

Sometimes Simple is the Better Way

1CPP is a Unique Opportunity for Everyone Involved in Housing Creation to take a Giant Step Forward

Atty. Alyssa Mulligan


An approach based on replication that can speed-up the approval process as never before

Atty. Herman Massen


This long overdue product  bridges the gap between McMansions and apartments.

Atty. Herman Massen


Only Amerisus could have created a new low risk – high return opportunity for lenders

Atty. Victor Nicholas


The building supply chain is changing and 1CPP captures  a huge unserved market

Atty. Jonathan Plisetsky


A high-value product, in high-demand, that increases a builders volume and profitabiilty

There is so much more to AmeriSus

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AmeriSus Eco-Homes

All of our homes embody the same philosophy for blending a balance of style, constructability, efficiency and affordability. Check out the many standard models.

Kitchen Stuff

Beyond new homes, Kitchens have become everyone’s remodeling project. We offer the best pricing on all wood cabinets & solid surface countertops.

All About $

Yes, our homes are more efficient, more sustainable and more affordable than most. And on top of that they can bring numerous 1st of a kind money savers.

Social Impact

No in its 12th Round our Social Impact Income Fund offers a 10% APR to all participants. Check it Out!

What’s So Different

It starts with the company flows to the product and serves a particular purpose.


More than 96% of the items we purchase  for each home are made in the U.S.A. We work at growing that number.

Unique Features

We have no problem spending more to create a better home. Much of what we save on labor gets spent on higher value products. Compare AmeriSus.

Ready Build System

Design, material specification, purchasing, logistics, construction schedule. We do it all for less so builders just show up and build. Real Simple.

How Does It Work ?

We’ve made it quite simple.

1CPP makes it even simpler.

Schedule & Price

Volume pricing on material supply combined with savings on constructability yield the best price and schedule for our builder customers.

Conturrent Lighting

The world’s most sustainable lighting system. Eliminates 75% of the materials in traditional lighting. Lamps thinner than a postage stamp – absolutely the most efficient.

Profitable / Affordable

That works for Everyone. More profits for builders & More Affordable Homes. How’s that work?

Fantastic Suppliers

Our suppliers provide more than just great products. They are committed to BFC. See what Goodman is doing in Texas.

Custom Designs

More than half our homes are custom designs to satisfy a style preference, lot restrictions, flood concerns, zoning issues, multi-family, etc.


Our unique approach to home building provides work for people local to each project as well as special opportunities for job training and new careers.

Woman Owned

AmeriSus is woman owned & managed bringing a special approach and point of view to all that we do.

Kitchen Cabinets the Easy Way

Tired of the Showroom Runaround?

  • Buying cabinets should be easy
  • No need to kill half a day at the cabinet store
  • Pick what you want, when & where it’s convenient
  • Our approach makes things Better – Faster – Cheaper

If you know what you want for your kitchen project  AmeriSus Plus is the smart solution.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Social Impact Income Fund – Round 12 Now Open @ 10% APR

Ends June 31, 2017 – Sign Up Now