Social Impact Income Fund

10th Round Sets New Record

For # of Participants & Total Funds Raised

Period 02/01/16 through 04/30/16 is 5th SIIF having Fixed 10% APR

Certificate Level Raised to $1,000 per Participant Requests

Which in Turn Raised Individual CAP to $10,000

Average Participation Level $7,000

Transaction Activity Conducted via “Snail Mail” and Virtually Un-Hackable

All transaction activity kept confidential

No SS#’s – No 1099’s – No Qualification Screen

Watch for 11th Round Announcement



Procurement Services that Improve Your Profitability

Save 20% on materials, 10% on labor and 5% on taxes

Does Your Supplier Really Care About Reducing Your Costs?
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You Can Build More For Less with AmeriSus – We’ve Changed the Process


The Nation Would Be Swimming in Cash if Everyone Lived Affordable

The AmeriSus Eco-Cottage™  – $100,000 Built

Random lot singles or entire Cottage Neighborhoods

Solve that affordable housing problem with attractive low infrastructure housing

AmeriSus Eco-Cottage - Now with Ready Pack delivery AmeriSus Eco-Cottage™

A new home can be the beginning of an adventure that sets the stage for years to come. At AmeriSus we make the process easy, affordable and a reality for nearly anyone. Our eco-cottage models start at pricing that’s unmatched.

  • If you are a builder, call us to learn how we can help you increase revenue, profit and customer satisfaction.
  • If you are a prospective homeowner, call us to learn how a new eco-home can be a near-term reality.
  • If you are saving for a new home, check out our Social Impact Income Fund as a way to earn 10% APR.
  • If you are involved in creating affordable housing, call us to learn why AmeriSus is the single best approach.



Forget the McMansion and go affordable with AmeriSus charm – click on image for more

Sales Tax Killing Your Project ?

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Farmhouse Ranch Blends Space & Light with Affordability

Click on Picture for Floor Plan

 Planning Begins Now for Spring Building Season

AmeriSus Social Impact Income Fund Puts Seven New Homes in Place


The parts that you don’t see are just as important.


Give us a call to learn about the many hidden features that make an AmeriSus home so special.

Stock Market Decline Drives New Participants to

AmeriSus Social Impact Income Fund – 10% APR Strong

DJIA past year down 10%

S&P 500 past year down 11%

NASDQ past year down 12%

AmeriSus SIIF past year up 10%

If you think the market is rigged maybe its time to try something different.

Become a part of creating exciting new eco-homes while making an impact.

In response to demand Round X COP’s have been doubled in size along with participation cap.

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 “Affordable” at AmeriSus Doesn’t Imply Shortcuts on Quality or Value

AmeriSus 28 Private – Whole Home Package Delivered for You to Construct on Your Site $124,999

Our Cabinets are Made in America for your Project

Durable Maple Doors & Drawers

Variety of Styles & Finishes
U.S.A. made Hinges and Drawer Glides
Fully Assembled – Shipped in Corrugated Packaging Ready to Install

Save Hours on Installation and Dollars on Complete Kitchens

Skip the assemble-it-yourself particle-board imports.


Maple Hardwood shown in Heritage Brown – Crimson – Crimson w/ Chocolate Glaze

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Smaller Houses with Bigger Kitchens

Version 2
At AmeriSus we have always thought that the kitchen was the most important room in the house. Because a kitchen gets a high level of use the individual components that go into need to be durable besides attractive. Our Whole Home Kit Packages bring together products from some of the most respected manufacturers in the business and we make the whole process simple by handling all the details with design, product selection, procurement and delivery being handled as one purchase in a trouble-free manner.

Great components! Great warranties! Great Pricing! Great Service!

The old-fashioned dinning room that saw use a few times each year is gradually disappearing in today’s new houses with homeowners spending wisely and questioning the need for a room that gets such little use. The result of that thinking is larger kitchens with additional space for dinning and gathering. Not having to incur the cost of dinning room square footage and the associated furnishings a homeowner can direct those monies saved into an expanded kitchen design that satisfies the needs of a busy lifestyle with features and products that can provide years of satisfaction.

Need a Kitchen or Bath Package for your Project? – Call AmeriSus


Ask about receiving it all as a package in one of our Ready Pack POD’s shipped to your job site.

How many telephone calls, vendor visits and back & forth trips are part of your typical kitchen project?

Save all that time, eliminate the hassle and get cash savings with AmeriSus.


Our modern-styled Starter 24

The Millennial Alternative to Expensive Housing


Quick & Easy to Build – Cheaper by the Dozen

Give us a call to learn more about this new exciting eco-home.

AmeriSus CEO Speaks Out About Business & 2016


Consider Our Main Street Family Model

Classic on the Outside – High Tech on the Inside

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.02.48 PM

1700 sq. ft. – 32 ft wide – 1st Floor Master Bed & Bath, Sunroom, 2 or 3 bedrooms upstairs – floor plan 


Sometimes what’s behind closed doors is just as imprtant.

When builder’s say “this is the kitchen we provide” maybe it is time to

Consider AmeriSus and “get the kitchen you want”


Call us for more information about how we balance quality, value and efficiency so that builder’s can deliver a superior home at an attractive price.


Cottage Home Activity Satisfies Growing Need of Single Occupant Household Segment

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 1.45.20 PM


One third of the households in America have one occupant. In many large cities the percentage is greater than 50% yet despite this growing trend the majority of new homes built have three bedrooms or more.  Millennials and seniors  looking for a simpler more affordable approach to living are gravitating to smaller cottage homes.

AmeriSus launched a cottage home initiative back in 2009 called “Operation Apple Pie” which included five Liberty Series models ranging in size from 600 to 1200 square feet.  Since then additional models like those shown here have been added to the program.  A way to make these homes even more affordable came about in 2011 with the introduction of HELP ™ which is the company’s unique Home Eco Lease Program that allows occupants to live in an attractive detached eco-home for less that $700 per month.

To encourage communities to embrace smaller homes individually and in cluster neighborhoods AmeriSus created the City Benefits ™ program which provides a revenue for towns that advance the development of smaller scale housing.


Wolf Cabinetry Now at AmeriSus

Made in America – All Maple Construction

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 7.51.10 AM

Call to learn how your project can get better cabinets for less.

McSmart out does McMansion

AmeriSus can bring old-time character to your new eco-home.

Affordable, Super-Efficienct & Sustainable with Style

Making New Look Like Old

New Approach to Lighting a Big Hit at Builders Show

(read more)


Built right on your site

An outstanding eco-home at affordable pricing

Talk to everyone else than talk to us – You will be impressed with the difference.

1650 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms 2 baths - plenty of beach fun - Under $250K 1650 sq. ft. 4 bedrooms 2 baths – plenty of beach fun – Under $250K

Experience Applicable To Any Project







New construction with stone facade and metal roof accents creates old world charm.

You Can Have It Your Way

When builders and homeowners come to us looking for an affordable eco-home they look at some of our designs and then start to talk about how they want to add this and add that so that what they might be looking at takes on a different appearance.  We say go ahead because our building process allows for the additions of all kinds of features so that your end product is customized to your liking.  As in the picture we can add a stone facade with brick trim, ornate porch columns, floor to ceiling windows or decorative metal roofing just to illustrate a few of hundreds of examples.


We do much more than single family homes.

w of Triple F




Infill projects are a large part of our business with builders seeking to maximize site density with town homes and multi-family housing product.  Our Triple-F building system works with 12, 16, 20 & 22 foot building widths to create a near endless mix of unit sizes that can be duplicated and matched together. Unlike modular these homes are built on site. The unit here has a two-car garage, two balconies facing the street and another balcony facing the rear yard. Structural design allows for an open layout where interior wall placement can be where you want it or not at all.  Talk to our design team to learn more about our Triple-F system and how it can be used on your site.

If fitting into an older row-house environment is your problem look no further than our Triple-F designs that can be custom tailored to fill that empty spot.

AmeriSus PLUS providing products for your project


Tired of paying high prices for low quality?  Have a project that needs a budgetary lift?  Check out PLUS each week.

If it is good enough for an AmeriSus home you should consider it for the one you are building or remodeling.

Click on the carriage below to see what’s new in the our PLUS e-commerce department.

Pick out what works for you project and have it arrive promptly hassle-free.


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California Simplicity that Can Be Located Anywhere

1166-front-rendering Click on image to see floor plan

900 sq. ft.  – 34W X 34D – 1 Bdrm – 1 Bath – 1 Small Monthly Payment

Great Home Designs for the Beach

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 9.50.25 PM Click on image to see floor plan


1600 sq. ft. – 30W X 34D – 2 levels – 2 Bdrms – 2 Baths – 3 ft or 9 ft off the ground 

THD-4794-4web 2020 sq. ft. – 34′ w X 52′ D – 4 Bedrooms – 3 Full Baths Click on image to see floor plan

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