Super efficient, fast to build, lower in cost, higher in value.

Pick any of our many standard models or allow us to quote your custom design.


Community subdivisions, multi-family & infill projects all become easier and less expensive with the AmeriSus Ready Build system.


AmeriSus makes it easier for builders to create fantastic new homes that get built better, faster & cheaper (cost not quality).


The American skill set for improvement projects has never been better. AmeriSus helps everyday homeowners advance from building projects to entire homes.

Unmatched value, constructability & pricing

We’re BFC – Better, Faster, Cheaper

A New Home is a Collection of Projects

AmeriSus Wraps Them All Together into a Single Lump Sum Package

Super Efficient

AmeriSus homes are designed to use SIP panels for exterior walls and often roofing delivering superior energy efficiency, structural strength and noise reduction.

Easy to Build

AmeriSus homes are secure and weather tight in days not months plus component materials that make the building process faster and simpler.

High in Quality

Much of the cost savings that result from the AmeriSus Ready Build system get put back into the project with higher quality components and products.

Home Models

Large or Small

Better – Faster – Cheaper Makes Sense

What Our Customers Say:

“Amerisus homes are engineered for speedy construction so each project is secure & weathertight in days.”

J.S. – Infill Builder

“I heard how kit homes were popular 70 years ago and AmeriSus has brought high-tech and unmatched logistics to this building approach.”

P.T. – Architect

“Not having to deal with dozens of suppliers, their limited stock & high prices was a breath of fresh air. AmeriSus saves time & money”

T.R. – Builder

“We tackled a backyard ADU as a DIY project and AmeriSus provided guidance from start to finish along with simplified components and tools we didn’t have.”

A.L. – Homeowner

About AmeriSus

AmeriSus was created ten years ago as an attempt to change household budgets by creating new super-efficient homes that could be so affordable that their reduced cost would have a positive impact on the owner’s or tenant’s lifestyle potentially delivering the American Dream to everyone with the plus side, in addition to a great new home, being extra money each month for savings, investments, education, vacations and a much more enjoyable life.

“Affordable Housing for Everyone”

Fantastic ADU’s

This generation’s solution to available affordable housing


AmeriSus Standard ADU’s

Our unmatched pricing & logistics capability of 2500+ support centers gets our kits to your job site promptly.

3rd Party Models & Designs

Want something different or unique? We do that every day. Roughly half of our projects are custom designs.

Kit Components

Let AmeriSus provide a SIP building shell, exterior or interior finish or utility or kitchen & bath package.

AmeriSus Kit Homes

Deliver More

The AmeriSus Ready Build system makes home building easier by minimizing waste in both labor & materials while delivering superior logistics capability and pricing. These benefits allow for reduced project costs without impacting a project’s profitability.

Typical 30% Reduction in Construction Cost
Significant Reduction in Schedule 
Superior Structure & Component Attributes
Unmatched Energy Efficiency
Simple Enough for DIY’ers
Market Leadership for Quality & Value

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